10th UN Forum on minority issues: UN invites Prince Nfor Hanson as Panelist in Geneva.

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One of Cameroon’s top Anglophone journalists, Prince Nfor Hanson of Equinox TV have been invited by the United Nations  as panelist in the 10th UN forum on minority issues that will take place in Geneva on the 29th of November 2017.

The journalist posted on his Facebook page that he will be giving a talk on the importance of the participation of youths in peace initiatives and building trust and confidence between people-CASE OF ANGLOPHONE CRISIS IN Cameroon. He is determined on his own part to make his voice heard in this time of crisis.

According to him,

 the aim of this presentation is to show how the minority Anglophone youths can stand for their rights in a predominant French speaking country, how they can stand against marginalisation, and within the context of the Anglophone crisis use non violence methods to senticize the people on the need for peaceful coexistence especially those who are so ignored about history and are calling Anglophone “Terrorist.”

He made it clear to the UN that Anglophone youths are ready to take part in such iniciative but your freedom of speech is not guaranteed. He ended by saying that, rights have to be respected in all facets and the government has to put in place policies that will protect minorities.

Prince Nfor has prove himself to be called one of the best journalist in Cameroon because of his balance report during the Anglophone crisis. He is also popularly known for the interview with the Minister of communication Issa Tchirouma Bakari who was on a media tour in Douala. He is also the CEO of Cameroon News Agency, an online news organ which is nominated in the Bonteh Digital Media Award.

All the best to the Prince of journalism from the e-kwattv crew members.

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