Wax Dey’s number one girl show is perceived with mixed feelings. See details below

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“Putting Cameroon on the map indeed!” In an attempt to promote the highly neglected sector in Showbiz, Wax Dey the callabash boss with his business mindset organised a show called “Number one girl show” to recognise and promote the works of Music Video Vixens. Wax Dey has successfully attain his dreams and now looking for a way to encourage a young girl. 

The winner will automatically be a video vixen for all his videos, will receive a sum of FCFA 1million and will be opportune to visit  South Africa and have some leisure time. We’ve received confidential report that First week of the show  there was sufficient food and drinks but  second week  things changed.  Some candidates said they were  “done de crew( Wax Dey)” meaning they were special to Wax Dey making others  feel inferior .

As a matter of fact, there were equally some exciting moments marked by their visit to Douala for a Match .While in Douala ,  Stanley Enow appeared on scene. It was an exciting moment  for the 15 girls seeing Stanley as they all ran to embrace him and  welcome him. 

 E kwat tv is told that, Wax Dey felt jealous ordered the ladies to get back in to the bus. When the match had not yet been up to 20minutes of play. What could be the reason behind Wax Dey’s jealousy? The contestants are to be evaluated based on these criterias;  dancing, sports, photo challenge and many others. The main reason bringing them together  is to  evaluate their behaviours and communication skills that is to see how jovial or friendly they can be. One of Kamer’s popular actress Cindy Emade also visited the girls and gave a motivational  talk on  how they can realise their dreams (the believe to always work on their dreams) . Congratulations Wax Dey for coming up with an innitiative like this to encourage and promote others. 

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