9 Secrets of a Celebrity Makeup Artist You Wish to Know!


Looking at photos of Hollywood celebrities, it is practically impossible not to fall in love with their flawless look. However, this look is not achieved just like that, but with the talent and dedication of celebrity makeup artists. If you want to look just as amazing, we invite you to keep on reading this article. Discover the secrets of celebrity makeup artists and prepare yourself for a complete makeover. Do not hesitate to put these recommendations into practice, seeing for yourself which one works best. You can also share your newfound advice with friends or family members.
#1. Blush before foundation
When it comes to general makeup rules, it is a known fact that foundation comes first. However, if you want to obtain a natural glow, one that seems to come from within, it is recommended to apply the blush first and the foundation second. In this way, your cheekbones are going to look bright and warm, complementing the rest of your beautiful features to perfection. So, the next time you want to apply makeup on your face makes sure that the blush is first in line. Upon seeing the final results, you will realize that it was all worth it.

#2. Two shades of blush
If you want to enjoy a youthful appearance, it is recommended to use not one, but two different shades of blush. On the apple of the cheeks, you should go with a pink or red blush, to give yourself a flushed appearance. However, when it comes to the highest points of the cheekbones, it is indicated that you either go with peach or coral blush. The blush that belongs to the orange family will highlight your beautiful features, guaranteeing an even more intense look.

#3. Corn starch
This makeup trick is especially useful for those of you out there who have oily skin. In the situation that you want to apply your makeup, but you are worried about the excess sebum, make sure to have a little bit of corn starch available. Apply it on your face, right before the foundation and you will surely be positively impressed with the result. The corn starch will absorb the excess sebum, eliminating the shiny aspect of the skin. Moreover, it will make the application of the rest of the makeup quite a breeze.

#4 Foundation & moisturizer
If you want to obtain the highest possible level of coverage, it might be a good idea to mix your foundation with a quality moisturizer. In this way, you can ensure that all of your imperfections are going to be covered, including small blemishes, areas of hyperpigmentation and brown spots. However, you need to use the best wrinkle creams as well, to fight off the signs of aging.

#5. Luminous skin
If you are looking to give your skin a luminous appearance, you can try either mixing your regular foundation with eyeshadow or skin brighteners. The recommended shades include pearly white, golden or other similar colors. Make sure to blend these very well, before applying them on the face.

#6. Egg whites
This trick is simpler than you even begin to imagine. All you have to do is separate one egg, then whisk the egg white, until you obtain a frothy texture. After that, apply the egg on your face and keep it there for about 20 minutes. When done, rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can then apply your makeup, enjoying the tightening effect of the egg whites.

#7. Eye Lotion
Puffiness is one of the biggest challenges to overcome when it comes to makeup. If you want to look great, you need to keep your eye lotion in the fridge. The reduced temperature will have a tightening effect on the skin; also, make sure to apply it before the makeup, to savor the best results.

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#8. Lip balm
A lot of celebrities have that natural look, one that is quite easy to be envious about. In the situation that you have applied makeup on your eyes, it is recommended to stick only with lip balm on your lips. In this way, you will look natural as well. Moreover, by choosing a lip balm with SPF, you can protect your lips and the skin around it from sun damage (make sure to use sunscreen for the rest of the face as well).

#9. Lip lift
If you are interested in giving your lips a lift, all you have to do is apply a little bit of concealer on the outer corners. This small trick will help you look amazing, taking years off your face. Moreover, thanks to this application, your lips are also going to appear fuller than they are.
These are only a couple of secrets coming from a celebrity makeup artist and, by trying them, it is guaranteed you will look amazing. Keep in mind that it is possible to change your entire look by using the right makeup tricks. Always pay attention to the shape of your face and do not apply makeup in excessive quantities, as you will look anything else but beautiful.

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