12 Signs You Are a People-Hating Misanthrope

Signs You Are a People-Hating Misanthrope
The word “misanthrope” comes from the Greek word meaning “to hate people.” Misanthropes are known for avoiding human interaction whenever possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean make a person mean or hateful in general, but they definitely avoid people whenever possible. There are a number of different signs that you may be a misanthrope, and it’s important that you know what they are before making a final determination of yourself.

1. You tend to be more sensible than the people who surround you
One surefire sign that you are a misanthrope is that you tend to be more sensible than other people around you. If you hate people because you just think most of them are idiots, this term most likely applies to you. Misanthropes tend to dislike people in general not because they are intellectual snobs, but rather because they simply don’t want to deal with people’s nonsense in general.

2. You hate a deep-seated hatred for Drama
If you simply cannot stand drama and the people who cause it, you are most likely a misanthrope. These people do everything in their power to avoid those who cause problems and dramatic situations wherever they go. While a lot of people claim to hate drama, many of them are actually responsible for causing it themselves. True misanthropes despise drama in all forms and do whatever they have to when it comes to staying away from it altogether.

3. You Prefer to spend time by yourself
While it’s true that not all people who prefer to spend time by themselves are misanthropes, it is one of the signs to look out for. If you would much rather stay at home and read a book or do something else by yourself than go to a party or engage in any other social activity, misanthropy is definitely a possibility. These people almost always prefer to spend time by themselves as opposed to hanging out with other people, no matter who it is.

4. You Never really use Social Media
A lot of people-hating misanthropes avoid social media websites like Facebook and Twitter like the plague. Because these are outlets for people to talk and communicate with each other, your average misanthrope will have no interest in them whatsoever. Do you find that you are the only person in your group who doesn’t have a social media or social networking account of some kind? If so, you might just be a misanthrope in the classic sense.

5. You cannot Stand Children
There are some people who cannot stand being around kids, and some of them are classic misanthropes. If you don’t find kids cute or adorable in the slightest, this term might very well apply to you. These people typically have no patience for kids, especially young ones that scream, cry and throw temper tantrums. While young children can get on any person’s nerves at times, misanthropes tend to hate being around kids no matter how they are acting.

6. You have a bad case of Road Rage
Not all misanthropes are angry drivers, but many of them cannot stand sharing the road with their fellow humans. If you find yourself screaming at every other vehicle on the road when driving, you could be a misanthrope. These people find it very difficult to get in their cars without cursing out slow drivers, people who cut them off and everyone in between. Chances are you have no patience for bad drivers, and what’s more you allow your rage to get the best of you in a number of different ways while driving.

7. You are always a little bit too blunt when speaking with others
One sign that you very well might be a people-hating misanthrope is that you are a little bit too blunt and assertive with your opinions. Most people have at least some kind of social filter that prevents them from saying the things they want to, but not these people. You have probably found yourself in more than one situation where you’ve been accused of being mean or even heartless because of your direct and perhaps inappropriate comments directed at another person.

8. You have a difficult time making new friends
Although a lot of misanthropes don’t really have a very strong desire to make new friends in the first place, they have a very difficult time doing so when the mood strikes them. If you find it hard to make friends, you could possibly by a misanthrope. You just tend to rub people the wrong way, and because of that it can be hard to connect with people.

9. You’d rather not have a significant other
Sometimes you feel lonely but overall you just don’t want to bother with such a deep and personal relationship. True misanthropes usually don’t actively seek out romantic relationships because they know what a successful one requires on their part. It’s a lot of work physically and emotionally, and that’s just not something that most misanthropes are interested in.

10. You think you are better than most people
You could be a misanthrope if you often think that you are better than most of the people around you. Misanthropes often think that they are smarter and more sensible than other people, and sometimes it’s actually true.

11. You have some sort of anxiety disorder
Studies have shown that misanthropes tend to have some sort of anxiety disorder. If you sometimes get panic attacks when you are in large groups of people, misanthropy is at least somewhat likely. Not all misanthropes have an anxiety disorder, but many of them do.

12. You really enjoy people watching
If people watching is one of your favorite activities, there is a big chance that you could be a misanthrope through to the bone. These people usually strongly prefer watching people over actually interacting with them. It is important to take this into consideration before labeling yourself as a people-hating misanthrope or anything else for that matter.

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  1. 6. Don’t have road rage, just dislike bad road manners. In fact dislike bad manners in general.
    10. Not better than other people, just different.
    11. No anxiety, just don’t like people.

    Otherwise from my people watching table for one … Good descriptions.

  2. This is a strange one for me, as a lot of those things ring true but aren’t so black and white… I don’t tend to get mad at other drivers unless its something I’ve deemed they have done on purpose.. i’m cool with human error if it hasn’t caused any serious issue.

    I have no problems making friends im very chatty and open and people tend to like me but I then at some point tend to begin to dislike them if they are living up to how I expect them to be… whether they say or do something I don’t feel is right.. bigotry etc or if they aren’t showing me the same love im showing them.

    I will stop and help any stranger in need… so my dislike for people isn’t based on them being a person but more on what kind of person they turn out to be.

    I’m very compassionate,empathetic etc but I will not sugar coat an opinion if I believe it is for that persons best even if its not what they want to hear… I usually end up apologizing if I feel ive hurt their feelings but I still make it clear I believe in everything I said I just didn’t mean for it to hurt.

  3. Wow! This is great. I may just be a misanthrope! Can I also hand a deep longing to have connection and want to be part of a group? I try, but I end up getting cantankerous and leave early. Every time. I don’t connect with people and I’m starting to feel like I’d rather be alone with my old dog.

  4. 10 out of 12 according to your personal list / observations.

    Number 10 You think you are better than most people that is someone with a Narcissists personality disorder.

    11. You have some sort of anxiety disorder

    I had a friend who was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with anxiety they trusted the wrong people and kept doing things they didn’t want to just to make people happy.
    They would cry when ever someone didn’t like them.

    You also left out the actual meaning of misanthrope
    Misanthropes have trouble trusting humans.

  5. Great article. We don’t all or always think we’re better. What’s clear is we, misanthropes, understand how most people seem to crave company and like to be part of what’s popular or be seen to be doing things that will earn them brownie points with the crowd. Yet the majority, the masses don’t seem to get that there’s a small number that don’t want all the things they want. All we want is to be left alone and not interfered with. Our refusal to interact with the community is sometimes regarded, particularly post 911, as something to be suspicious and wary of. What this tells me is that the masses is made up mostly of shallow people. They will support causes like Black Lives Matter because it’s the thing to do, it’ll show they are accepting of difference and ‘nice’. If it happened that they chanced upon a person being picked on by a group they might just walk away becuase there’s no witnesses around to glorify their deeds. The human race is a lost cause. There’s no need to philosophise further. It’s a fact. Look around us.

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