A 23 year old Woman reportedly “shocked” hospital staff as she gave birth to two stones. Details


It all happened in Malawi (salima district)  that the staff members of the kambom health center were all shocked by Lenia Phini’s latest . Report says the young lady visited the health center on March 20th 2018 with two stones wrapped in a piece of cloth claiming that she had given birth to the stones on her way to the hospital.

The health personnel at the health center said after examining Lenia, seemed to have had a 12 week pregnancy. Doubt crept minds  when Kasungu district health officer Dr Irene  Kamwaza ruled out the woman’s claims saying that there were no traces of blood on the stones   ” We have examine the stone, they do not have trace of blood, we have examine everything, it is all suspicious”
However, according to  Malawi 24 TV, the two stones  Lenia claimed to have given birth to , had a written note on them which  reads ” You slept with my Husband. This is just the beginning”. She was accompanied by her mother who also confirmed that her daughter gave birth to the stones after complaining of labour pain. Could this be witch craft? Share your thoughts below

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