“A Beguiling event of startling revelations indeed!!” Ni John Fru Ndi survived a fire spark in his home.Details


The Social Democratic Front chairman and leader(Ni John Fru Ndi) who is today praised for giving chance to his close collaborators (Joshua Osih) to also test leadership position, narrowly escape dead yesterday night. It was around 9p.m that unknown agents visited his home and  lighted up his poor kitchen on flames. Fire fighters attention was quickly  drawn and they swiftly appeared on scene to quench the already wild fire that almost roasted his entire building.

What would have provoked the arson attack? Could it be due to his recent letter to president Paul Biya condemning acts of killings, maiming and torture of both civilians and military? Invstigation is still going on to detect those who did this. Stay with E KWAT TV for more reports. 

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