Daracing de Dubai reacts to accusations that he transmitted HIV to Girls in Buea.

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An information has been going viral online especially on Whatsapp platforms that a man is transmitting HIV AIDS to girls. The man who we got his name from Facebook as Daracing de Dubai (Le dugsagar camerounais) is accused of affecting many girls in Buea and other parts of Cameroon with the deady virus.

According to a Whatsapp voice note, the man’s main motivation is to revenge on a girl who affected him in the past. Le dugsagar camerounais takes time to film the girls during their sexual act. Our source told us that he was lastly seen in Bertua. 

Just like Epie, he accused his friend of leaking the the nude pics and sex tapes online. He wrote on his Facebook page while apologising.

It was someone I thought was my friend who leaked the video on the internet. All the girls agreed to make me film. None of them are less than 18 years old.

He also denied the fact that he is HIV positive by posting his results online.

We dont know what the authorities a doing against this but we are aware that Cameroon’s law is against those who willingfully transmit HIV to others. 

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  1. Cherry Blash says:

    Even if the girls agree on a video must it be posted on social media, let him not say it was his friend. My question is, what were his intentions for video taping the girls? Know such could also happen to your sister.
    E-kwat thanks for the info

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