A Muslim lady refused her husband sex for not having a new cloth for Ramadan. Husband beats her to death. Check story


Friday the 15th of June 2018 marked the celebration of the feast of Ramadan by the Muslims all over the world. It has passed and gone but stories keeps popping from left and right . E kwat tv just received a “hot gist” that Mariama Bintou,  a 19year old lady  died under the blows of Souley Ibrahim, her husband. The tragedy occurred in Kandara  that is  Kadey of the Eastern part of Cameroon. Miriama and Ibrahim have been married for six months

Indeed, for the celebration of the festival of Ramadan, Mariama Bintou asked for new clothes. A request to which her husband responded favorably. Only, June 12, Souley Ibrahim goes to Dimako to make the  purchases for the Muslim festival. Arriving home, his wife finds that he has not kept his promise. Irritated, she decides to leave the house and take refuge with her sister.

Mariama only returns to her home after negotiations involving the leader of the bororo community to which her husband and her belong. However, she did not give up. Also, she refused  to comply with the sexual desires of her husband. Faced with this insubordination, Ibrahim Souley  gave her serious blows. Despite the intervention of neighbors, Mariama died. Her burial took place the next day, in a strict Muslim tradition. Since then, Ibrahim Souley has been missing.He abandoned the herd of beef which he was guarding. May the soul of Miriam rest in peace

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