A spy glass about school resumption in the Anglophone regions. Get all details here


School pupils and students all over the national territory have been so excited to again warm their benches come 3rd September, 2018. It was a timid start in the English speaking regions which has left the public in doubts. Could it be because it was the first day of school? One can never tell or readily link up the timid nature of school resumption today in the English regions to the ongoing Crisis. .

It was a tensed atmosphere today in Bali and Bafut most especially of the North West region of Cameroon. Our sources reported that it was around 5: 45 a.m that the Gendarmerie Post in Agyati was set ablaze and several Gerndarmes dead while four succeeded to escape for their dear lives.

Similar case in Bambili today denizens of the locality remained in doors due to gun sounds heard around Bambili police station. A head teacher was reportedly killed in Ndop, as if that was not enough, two more head teachers killed in Babanki, 6 Kids and One principal kidnapped in PSS Bafut. Our correspondent reported that some school kids were ordered by unknown men to walk with hands on their heads.

Above all, some students and pupils were spotted in class and lessons were taught effectively . While Buea was seen deserted as our sources pointed out they respected the ghost town. An accurate conclusion can’t be easily drawn as of now, let’s hope for a positive feedback come tomorrow the 4th September on school resumption in the two regions.