A woman pours hot water on a man for refusing to sleep with her. Details


On May 16th, 2018  Lopes almost lost his manhood when a woman who lives in the same yard as him allegedly poured boiled water on him. The 25year old man from  Mombassi of Ghana,   believed God sent an angel to protect him.

“The woman has beef with me because I refused to sleep with her. She thought I was going to tell her husband “said lopes. They were to move to another apartment and her husband was not around and called him to assist carry their bed to the new apartment. Luckily enough he was with his friend who helped him out by pulling him away from the boiled water. “The water hit my thigh and she started shouting at me she wanted to burn my man hood. I’m grateful to God that I’m alive but I want her to go to jail.”said Lopes

Report says the case is presently in court we shall update you if any further development on this.

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