Garoua 3 city councilor receives 120 lashes. Here is the reason


At the end of last week, the municipal councilor of the municipality of Garoua 3, Elkana Passo received nearly 120 lashes from the lamido of Tcheboa guards, located 40 km from the city of Garoua. According to L’Oeil du Sahel Monday, April 9, 2018, he was accused of  “snaching” the woman of one of the lamido’s subject.

In fact, Elkana Passo has an old complaint against him. He is pursued by the lamido’s subject, who accuses him of abducting his wife. The lamido received the case and summoned the councilor, who refused to respond to his summons on the grounds that he is under the authority of the lamido of Djalingo. After making insulting remarks about the lamido of Tcheboa, he went to the city last weekend to get a national identity card. His accuser saw him and alerted the lamido of Tcheboa. He  then send his executioners to question the councilor and bring him back within the lamidat. He was awarded 120 lashes, “said a friend of the city councilor.

The latter also said that the councilor briefly stayed at the regional hospital of Garoua, following this incident. A version of events that will be confirmed by several people in the entourage of the victim.

Apparently, the mayor of Garoua 3rd and especially the entourage of lamido, believe that the story is built from scratch. 

“When I returned last Saturday, I immediately joined Elkana Passo on the phone who confirmed that he is at home and is doing well. I think it’s just rumors, “said the mayor.

 Beside that, the lady remained unreachable throughout the weekend.

​Source: Cameroon-info net

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