Additional requirements imposed on travelers in the North West Region.


The fear for the unknown in the North West and south West regions of Cameroon has push people to migrate to the French speaking part of the country. Douala, Bafoussam and Yaounde have witness an increase of Anglophones fleeing from the crisis. 

Some days back, the Governor of the South West region banned the movement of people out of the region except those with private cars. He assured buea dinezens that, their security will be guaranteed especially in October. 

Today September 18, officials of the North West region took drastic measures to reduce mass exedus from the region. Passengers in this region will have to state their departure motive and give information about their host before living the region.

This decision was taken after the delegate of transport in the North West region met with stakeholders. In a press conference, the Governor of the North West region called on Ambazonian fighters to drop their arms and the government will assure their integration in the society.

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