Ambe and Salatiel clash on the 1million FRS cash price given to the Winner of Mutzig Star.


Popular event organiser Chi Chi Ladislav once said on National TV that, there is not competition in Cameroon where the sum of more than one million FRS CFA is given to the winner. This is what we just watched yesterday December 14th during the final of Mutzig Star. This issue has made camer super stars Ambe and Salatiel to clash on the issue.

After congratulating Vanessa Modjoa on her success in the competition, Ambe said the Sum of 25 million FRS CFA will help her and secure a lifestyle of a Mutzig Star. According to him, one million FRS CFA is very small for a talented artist like her.

Popular blogger Atome Rapopraticien, blast Daphne on her live performance during the Mutzig Star Final.

Minute latter, the boss of Alfa Better Records, Salatiel, who was also one of the judges of Mutzig Star 2017 made him understand that one million FRS CFA was not the only prize reserved for the winner. He said, her album was paid for at Alpha Better Record, a video clip with Nkeng Stephens, and a car is enough for her to start a career. He also blast Ambe’s reaction saying that 

..instead of encouraging the child to work for the real career world, elderly ones are instead misleading her and looking at the money which is the lease of the prices…

We hope that she gets her Album from Alpha Better Records because the INTERNET NEVER FORGET.

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