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After the silence, Nivo Ti comes to lime light  like an angel to give out something new to  music lovers. Eloquent, fluent and exceptionally pleasing in his unique styles. He is top-rated Afrobeat star in Cameroon with emotionally pleasing sounds. Today he  has tickled our attention to a sensational sound titled “Small Nyango“. This piece […]

The interim president and leader of the Anglophone community Julius Ayuk who was abducted in Abuja Nigeria and extradicted with 46 others of his Government to Cameroon is today hunted by his lawyer for a  “man to man” discussion. Cameroon Intelligence Report sources have confirmed the presence of Hon. Abdul Oroh and a delegation of […]

​Agbor-D of the SharpBoy Movement present to us his amazing single song  titled “ The Realest” Agbor-D is a Cameroonian home base rapper, song writer, CEO and founder at the SharpBoy Movement brand, rapper who’ve been consistent since 2017 after successful releases such as Yatimer-Manor, Merongchi-ambeh..He just offered to us an amazing single where he’s preaching […]

To a greater extent there is Democracy in Cameroon as people air out their views and disgruntlement without being taken to jail. Just at the time we are about to forget  Hon. Joseph Wirba‘s speech at the National House of Assembly, Dr Chemuta Divine Banda president of the National Commission for Human Rights and Freedom […]

Cameroon Music now bathes in the fluid of globalization. It’s synthetic and universal identity in the world has exposed Cameroon culture and talents . For decades, there have been this controversial debate about the Anglophone artists singing more in French  than in the English Language. Verbal disputes and heated arguments have been witnessed from Cameroon […]

Erwan enters the musical universe with this punch afrobeat sound, signed at the label Beked music.​ In a style similar to Afro Beat and with all the hip hop style to which he remains faithful, Erwan signs his entry into the world of music with a new single Touché. True feminine laudes, “Touché” is an […]

The aftermath of the Anglophone Crisis is still very apparent following the recent behaviour of some of Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria. Nigeria’s critical general elections is at the corner. It is scheduled to take place  on the 16th of February to 2nd of March 2019. Tens of Million Nigerians are preparing themselves to decide who […]

These  musical  enthusiasts of the Eyo Nation Entertainment from the North West region of Cameroon  just dropped an amazing track entitled “Room Rehearsal” .  Room Rehearsal by MX and Fanaba produced by Eyo is  a rap song performed in English language , pidgin English and Lamnso to explain how good looking ladies which we today […]

The Cameroon International Film Festival CAMIFF 2018 an avenue to expose Cameroon movies to the outside world and an opportunity for foreign actors, actresses and other film stakeholders to interact and exchange important business deals . Agbor Gilbert congratulations for a successful CAMIFF 2018.  People generally admire adversities and enjoy hyping flaws of events but most […]

Lyles is Cameroonian artist who is based in Dubai.  After releasing Back to Back street anthem, the super star decided to bless his fellow country men with this awesome piece of music titled  “No play” . This  Lyles‘ official Video is to recognise the works of hustlers who are so committed and devoted in their […]

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