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So heart breaking a news ! Instead of dogs protecting and guarding properties , they get  wild and turn their keepers into their meals. We just received information from “Jalingo” that a certain Mr Okafor Johnson and his 6year old son  were eaten up by their  angry dog.  We were told  that, Mr Okafor left […]

According to information we got from an indian Website, On sunday March 25th 2018,a baby was born on the district of magara in  India . Looking like an 80year old man. According to the doctors, the baby has a rare condition called progeria which causes wrinkles on the face , a very sunken body and polio […]

With the positive wind of change blowing in the Cameroon’s music industry. Cameroonians abroad are not relenting their efforts as well. This talented music king Law G just released his single featuring American Celebrity Artist YFN Lucci! in a song titled “Good Girl”.  The Atlanta-based Kamer Rapper Law Goodlife, who is signed to Goodlife Music Group did a […]

No matter how we pretend, no matter how we claim to embrace christianism , no matter how Godly we claim to be , each and everyone has a feeling. Even pastors who deliver people in churches equally kiss their wives. Kissing is kissing ! But the big question is who invented this custom that you […]

 Everyday makes news. The Cameroon music industry and media landscape surprises all as days goes by . A major advancement and progress witnessed, profound an appraisal. Cameroon music is in an era that shows the future is fertile . 100k views in two days by artists proves to all that Cameroon music and the media are […]

A Ghanian man was shocked by the appearance of his wife after three days of their wedding. Fashion has come to fix and at same time to destroy. Women tend to embrace facial decoration (make ups) than their natural beauties. This has made some men to be lust by their appearances, though some men are […]

Kenya and its troubles! Before getting in to the nitty gritty of this story I will like to advice every parent to make sure they always get on their knees and sincerely pray for  God to grant them good house maids.  A very touching story we received from Kenya today  A 19 year old girl […]

Cameroon modeling is now taking another phase. Body exposure (nakedness ) is now the easiest way to gain fame in Cameroon. People seem to value the quality of being without clothing  as pride.  Oh! Where are we heading to? We were considered primitive people by the “whites” who then introduced their culture and assimilated Africans […]

Cameroon most alluring  Afropop singer Blanche Bailly dishes out an engrossing music piece titled “Bon Bon” . Dinguo is still very fresh in the minds of her fans but Blanche  decided to add another charming one  . The uniquely wonderful video was shot in Limbe by Adah Akenji and was produced by PhillBillBeatz.    Blanche […]

The wait is over. This charmed musical piece with enchanting lyrics is made more thrilling as Kuyuh K invited his Label Mate, Lionel Scofield who featured with a capacious NYANCHI Vibe on the afro Dancehall instrumentals produced by DJ W aka Large Pro.  Gentleman treat is finally here for you to consume and digest. After […]

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