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The gendarmerie station and Elections Cameroon (Elecam) branch of Balikumbat , Ngo-Ketunjia division, were attacked on the night of Monday, September 24, 2018, according to security sources in the North-West region. . These sources report that during this attack an armed group of the separatist movement set fire to the Balikumbat gendarmerie station. The latter […]

We just receive reports of an attack in the prestigious Sawa Hotel in Douala. According to our sources, five men stormed the hotel and open fire.  Sustained gunshots heard at Hotel Sawa Hotel located in Bonanjoh, the administrative district of Douala. According to a staff of the Hotel, gunshot began in the compound of the […]

While Maitre Dieudonné Happi, president of the Fecafoot Normalization Committee is currently holding the reconciliation speech in the Indomitable Lions den, international striker Benjamin Moukandjo is playing against the tide.  Granting this week his pardon to Clinton Njie, the author of  indiscipline in the den of the Indomitable Lions, Maitre Dieudonné Happi, the president  of […]

An allege communique from the regional delegate of Transport of the North West Region calling on people to provide additional information for living the region went viral online. The region delate of transport  has referred to the communique as Fake News.  Also Read: ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS IMPOSED ON TRAVELERS IN THE NORTH WEST REGION. Che Gilbert Ngong […]

The fear for the unknown in the North West and south West regions of Cameroon has push people to migrate to the French speaking part of the country. Douala, Bafoussam and Yaounde have witness an increase of Anglophones fleeing from the crisis.  Some days back, the Governor of the South West region banned the movement […]

More than $16m (£12m) in cash and luxury watches were seized at an airport in Brazil in the luggage of a delegation accompanying the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, local media has reported. Teodorin Nguema Obiang, vice-president of Equatorial Guinea and son of its longtime president, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, arrived on Friday on a […]

The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Cameroon People  Democratic Movement (CPDM), wishes a victory of Paul Biya to more than 77.99% in vote in the October 7 election.   Jean Nkueté wants a victory without appeal of Paul Biya in the presidential election of October 7th. The Secretary-General (SG) of the CPDM […]

The unknowns aboard the three boats are in the hands of the national gendarmerie for investigation.   The unknowns aboard the three boats are in the hands of the national gendarmerie for investigation. Has Cameroon escaped further attack by Bakassi, a peninsula in the Southwest Region? It is hoped that the truth will be known […]

we just receive a document from the Russian Embassy to Cameroon adresse to the Ministry of External Relations calling the Cameroon government to open investigations on the attack of Ambassador Anatoly Bashkin in Yaounde precisely in Mont Febe.  In an outing on monday September 10th, the Ambassador said he was attacked by two unidentified men […]

Should we really pray for Cameroon ? Last night at about 9 pm I left Bamenda for Buea and about 30 minutes into the trip we were asked to alight our buses. Thinking it was the normal control for cards which is routine along the way I went down and interesting enough all of those […]

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