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political parties are looking for strategies to attract youths to their side. These Cameroonian youths who see no reason to join politics or go out to vote because of lost hopes. The Cameroon People Democratic Movement is one of these political parties doing everything to win back the confidence of Cameroonian youths.  One of their […]

The second song is already here. As promise, Shura of Stephens Music drops the “Dis moi tout” after releaseing “Tranquille” this afternoon. Also Read: BRAND NEW/LYRIC VIDEO: SHURA DROPS “TRAQUILLE” [PROD BY CFX]  This is a romantic as you get on a track and Shura blends 4 languages effortlessly in delivering this strong message of love. […]

Shura mama is finally back after her hit song “Allez dire“. The soul queen just release one of her double tracks that was earlier announced. “Traquille” is a track which closely follow “allez dire” when it comes to the content of the song. She takes a no chill approach on people who interfere in her […]

An allege communique from the regional delegate of Transport of the North West Region calling on people to provide additional information for living the region went viral online. The region delate of transport  has referred to the communique as Fake News.  Also Read: ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS IMPOSED ON TRAVELERS IN THE NORTH WEST REGION. Che Gilbert Ngong […]

The fear for the unknown in the North West and south West regions of Cameroon has push people to migrate to the French speaking part of the country. Douala, Bafoussam and Yaounde have witness an increase of Anglophones fleeing from the crisis.  Some days back, the Governor of the South West region banned the movement […]

More than $16m (£12m) in cash and luxury watches were seized at an airport in Brazil in the luggage of a delegation accompanying the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, local media has reported. Teodorin Nguema Obiang, vice-president of Equatorial Guinea and son of its longtime president, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, arrived on Friday on a […]

The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Cameroon People  Democratic Movement (CPDM), wishes a victory of Paul Biya to more than 77.99% in vote in the October 7 election.   Jean Nkueté wants a victory without appeal of Paul Biya in the presidential election of October 7th. The Secretary-General (SG) of the CPDM […]

The money is much to the point that Maahlox is telling his girl to take what she want. Yeah it’s his money. Maahlox le Vibeur wants to prove to everyone that, its through hard work he got all what he has now.  Il y’a 5 ans on nous insultait qu’on est sale qu’on ne peut […]

The long awaited video is finally here. Stanley Enow promised to do one of the biggest collaboration in the 237 music industry, now we have it. “My Way” featuring Tzy Panchack and Locko is the King Kong’s recent track after Casanova.  After a Successful launch of the video in the USA, Stanley Enow finally release […]

Cameroonians are already getting use to this fabulous dio from Empire Company, one of Cameroon’s top label. After the release of Trop parler last month, Pit Baccardi aka the Ghost is here with Soldier ft the Bamenda boy Magasco. The track is all about his journey in the music career. Pit comes like a soldier […]

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