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Canal 2 International broadcast on July 2, 2018 in its evening of the arrest of 10 alleged wizards in Ambam, in the South Region. These individuals, the youngest age 5 and the oldest 67 were arrested last weekend. They are suspected of being the source of “mystical” diseases and deaths recorded in the Nsoze district. […]

While people in other parts of Buea were busy warching round of 16 matches of the FIFA World cup yesterday June 30th, Muea dinezens were going through hard times with gunshots heard in the neighborhood. Armed men storm the area attacking the 3rd district Police station. The Muea District Police Station attacked this night and […]

The coordinator of the regional fundraising commission, Magloire Mbarga Atangana, who is also Minister of Commerce, made sure that the transactions were carried out in a transparent manner. Cameroon Tribune reported on Friday, June 29, 2018 that, the funds were immediately handed to Francis Lin Matthieu, treasurer of this commission. He collected a total of […]

Buea and its environs is calm after the the mile 16 attack yesterday June 29th. Everyone is going around with their usual activities especially around the Mile 17 park. Shops and business cetres in Molyko are open with the circulation of Taxi. Armed men stormed mile 16 and shot indiscriminately. As they approached the speed […]

Diego Maradona has been treated by paramedics following Argentina’s dramatic 2-1 victory over Nigeria at the 2018 World Cup. The 57-year-old could be seen being helped from his seat at the St Petersburg Stadium, before collapsing into a chair inside the stadium He was immediately attended to by Russian paramedics and Argentine newspaper Cronica and ESPN in Latin America reported that he […]

its with shock many Anglophones received the recent  declarations from the minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji Paul on state tv. After refuting the existence of a problem know as “The Anglophone Problem“, the minister declared on CRTV yesterday Monday 25th june that, Ambozonian fighters are “Canibals” and worse than Boko Haram.  This was during […]

Wisdom festival is Wisdom Center’s biggest and most important event which comes up once a year.  On June 29, 2011 the Man of God Apostle Lefor DIVINE received his mandate from the Lord  so every June is celebrated as the birth month of the commission.  The event is an annual worldwide gathering that brings together […]

Last friday attacks in Bamenda left three people dead. Presidential aspirant  Cabral Libii was in Batibo, but that locality of the North West region was not paradise for him. He went through hell before getting to Bamenda. On his facebook page yesterday June 23th, Cabral Libii recounted his ordeal in that part of the country […]

According to info we received from Maybelle Boma, the Muna and Muna chambers were given access to meet the 47 Ambazonian including the leaders arrested in Nigeria last January and deported to Cameroon. Family sources also confirmed the info which was then reported by the outlaw cameroon civil society consortium. The detainees spoke with their […]

It is without distinction of social class that Cameroonians from all regions have shown solidarity with their compatriots in this part of the country Thursday afternoon in one of the new meeting rooms of the extension of Yaoundé City Hall.   Present at this fund-raising ceremony, Prime Minister Philemon Yang said that  ” all the […]

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