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Spanking new Teety Tezano “Swagga” Directed by Mr. Tcheck. She’s come with a new up beat vibe and we loving it.

  Reniss the new bell music queen is in France for her ‘dans la sauce’ tour which will take place Friday st of April at La Boule Noir, Paris. Get your tickets now if you are around Paris, you don’t want to miss out on the ‘soiree pimentee’. We are anticipating her European tour soon after. Reniss […]

Reniss covers the classic Togolese song “Zelie” by Bella Bellow as part of her new EP ‘Reniss chantente les classiques. Directed by Ndukong. Produce by Le Monstre.  

Layla Lace, a former stripper and video vixen claims Drake got her pregnant and he stopped picking up her calls when she told him about the pregnancy. She claims she was introduced to him by Dj Spade who linked them up one time  Drake was in London. Layla Lace has gone all out with receipts […]

Beats which make you get up to your feet, Mani Bella and Tenor are here with Deranger. I must say Mani Bella rocked Ozi’s peices. Directed by Nkeng Stephens…enjoy!!

Dora Decca is a part of the legendary music family with siblings such as Ben Decca and Grace Decca. After a long music carrier and a short break,she is back with a gospel song this time around titled ‘IL est la‘ where she thanks God for washing away all her tears and troubles….good music and […]

Brand new collabo from Mr Leo and French artist Hiro in Je t’aime.Directed by Nkeng Stephens. The sky id definitely his starting point.

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6 February 2017

Here we have Toi & Moi“ performed by Salatiel Directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens, Salatiel and Artnurin and song produced by Salatiel.

Tao featuring Roger from the X-Maleya trio bringing to you Oussokoma. Directed by Mr. Tcheck.

OSHE BABA is an original Gospel tune and first song off Seta’s upcoming EP featuring the lyrical monster Mic Monsta. Music video deirected by Adah Akenji.

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7 January 2017

The very meaning of originality, Kikoh gives us ‘Mukum’. Directed by Gereldrico Guevara.

Challenged by the Anglophone Problem,‘ My Voice‘, the Inspirational piece from Bonzyz featuring Leonette calls on the Leaders to Respect Democracy and Dialogue with the People.Watch, like and Share My Voice Produced by AreaKiller and Video directed by Chuzih Dadido [Fantasy Arts FilmWorks].  

KB Hood starting the year powerfully.Here we have  Neglect Buri’s cover of ‘Mercy a God’

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4 January 2017

Newly signed to Calabash Music label, Vumomsé just spiced his jubilant and exuberant style of Gospel/ inspirational music with a technical hip hop blend that will most definitely galvanize everyone to dance.Vumomsé teamed up with Cameroon’s finest producer Djess Panebo to beautifully craft “Move It” which is also polished and mixed by Central Africa’s number […]

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4 January 2017

Brand new from our favorite trio, X-Maleya in ‘Merci’.

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4 January 2017

Brand new from the Queen of New Bell music, Reniss. She starts the year with her single ‘Manamuh’, which talks about the love which has to pass through hurdles.Directed by Ndukong and he was assisted by Tatapong Beyala, the video is perfection.

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