Brand New: Nivo Ti finally unveils the Masterpiece music titled “Small Nyango”. Enjoy

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After the silence, Nivo Ti comes to lime light  like an angel to give out something new to  music lovers. Eloquent, fluent and exceptionally pleasing in his unique styles.

He is top-rated Afrobeat star in Cameroon with emotionally pleasing sounds. Today he  has tickled our attention to a sensational sound titled “Small Nyango“. This piece is a whole new level with an epic storyline. The mixture of glamour and street reality gives this song a unique taste.

This comes after other releases from the artist like SORCELLERIE, GHETTOLIFE, Do you UNDERSTAND and others . You might definitely want to check out some of  his Videos on his youtube channel Nivo Ti Official. The song drew alot of anticipation as it was rumoured that Brenda Biya, Cameroon’s first daughter will be in the video. chaooo!!! enjoy it below and share


  1. Ayen says:

    Thank you e-kwat for the endorsement. Great Write up from an intellectual.💖💖💖#Small_Nyango is the jam.

  2. Nivo says:

    Thanks alot E-KWAT Tv for covering
    Am grateful

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