Brand New: Will Cameroon take over the music industry from Naija with this type of track from Stanley Enow? Watch “Elle est La”

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The king Kong is back with another “hot” track and a clean video. Stanley Enow has been criticized lately by Nigerians and some Cameroonians for saying that “Cameroon Will take over the music industry from Nigeria”. We don’t doubt him but we didn’t expect such statement  from someone who is unable to hit a million views on YouTube with Caramel  featuring Davido.

Many people have criticise his lyrics making them to lost confidence in his music. His colleagues of the 237 industry like Maahlox Le Vibeur and Dex Willy of War Machine(Tenor’s former Label) have been leading those who think that Stanley should get some one who will write his songs.

Any how, Sir Stanley Enow is here with another wonderful video directed by one of the best video making houses in South Africa known as SOS. Watch, like and share your thoughts.

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