Camer actor Frank Sire reportedly scammed a single mother, thousands  of Dollars.

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This information was reported by Kinnaka’s blog today sunday January 14th and is gradually going viral on social media. One of Camer’s top actor, Francis Ayuketang Ndip popularly known as Frank Sire is accused of scamming a single mother Thousands of Dollars  while declaring undying love for her. 

According to Bandy Kiki, she received the info some days back from an unidentified man. Frank Sire allegedly contacted the US based woman around the period when she was grieving over the loss of her child. He showed concerned, built trust and later scammed her out of thousands of dollars while declaring his “undying love” for her. Below is the full story. 

Before we share the story below, it is imperative for our readers to note that this we have properly investigated the credibility of the allegations and everything adds up as stated in the story. Also find attached some evidence that we managed to gather during the course of our investigation.

“Cameroonian actor Frank sire was involved in a long distance relationship with a single mom from December 2016 to September 2017. This mother had just lost her second baby and was still actively grieving the loss of her baby when she and Franksire met on Facebook who expressed his condolence for the loss of her child. Franksire insisted on building a relationship with her and promised to marry her and be a father figure to this single mother’s child. He said that he was sent by God into her life. He sent her gospel songs such as “No one else comes close” by Joe and “God gave me you” by Blake Shelton. He told this woman that he was the one for her and that she could pray and go to heaven and come back, but him, Frank Sire, was not going to leave her or go anywhere because he was sent by God for her. This single mom was  very skeptical but Frank Sire always told her that he loves her and he will never leave her.They talked on the phone everyday and he promised every single day that he will never hurt her. She honestly thought Frank Sire was the best thing that ever happened to her just at the moment that she lost her baby. Frank Sire showed genuine affection over her and her child while also expressing condolences over her baby she recently lost. Frank Sire told this mother to keep the relationship secrete because he “was a public figure.” Frank Sire told her he was going to become a pastor so he could protect her and her child “from evil people.” Every time this lady asked him if he was in a relationship with anyone, he consistently and always denied it. He said he had a daughter in Cameroon but he denied having other children and denied having anyone pregnant. He even told her she was paranoid for always asking him that question. He sounded so genuine and each time he promised he will never hurt her. He said that once they were together and married, they didn’t have to go to church because he was going to start his own church at home. Franksire always told this lady that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Francis eventually started asking her to send him money because he was struggling in Cameroon and had so many bills and back payments to catch up on. He also had to give money to his family, take care of his daughter, and also pay his rent since he wasn’t working and could never come up with enough money.  She sent him money every time he asked. There were times that if she didn’t send him money, he will get very angry and also tell her that he was very stressed and needed money to handle some emergency situations.  He always told her that he loved her and how he couldn’t wait to finally meet and marry her and spent his life with her and her daughter. He told her not to tell anybody that they were in a relationship and when she revealed to him that she told her pastor about him, he would get very angry and said that if she told people about their relationship, the relationship was going to be destroyed.

Frank Sire eventually told this lady that he has never been to America and he has never had any interest in coming to the United States. He told her that he is now interested in coming to America because he wanted to see her in person and that he couldn’t wait to meet and marry her. He even told her that he was going to broadcast her engagement into a reality show.

Around the month of April or so,  he started going to the US embassy in Cameroon in order to obtain visa to gain access to the United States. During the entire process of him going to the embassy and trying to get visa, he kept asking this lady for even more money for embassy fees, transportation fees, hotel fees, money for him to obtain a new passport and documents. Over the course of his trips to the embassy, this lady paid for the bills

After obtaining his visa, he eventually started saying things like “Christian my ass” “You such an idiot” “You good for nothing” “You such a waste.  He had eventually reached out to her again, telling her that he did miss and still loves her. He also needed money to buy his flight ticket and she sent him $500 to add and buy his ticket. Five days before he traveled to America, he told her that he had so many things to settle including rents and he requested she send him $200. She told him she is trying to save money to pay off her school loan and even asked him “Don’t you feel sorry for me?” He said “no” “I don’t feel sorry for you. I will never feel sorry for you.” He told her that once he arrived America, he will  help me to pay off my school tuition, marry her and buy her a car worth over $100,000. She had asked him for his flight itinerary to the United States, but each time he refused to give it. He said that his cousin was a travel agent and his cousin was the person in control of booking his flight. The last time this single mom spoke with Franksire was roughly around September 26th. He had told her his flight was September 29th, which meant that by September 30th, he arrived America.  Once he arrived America in September 30th,  he never contacted this poor woman again, he had blocked her off facebook. Then on December 10th, he sent a message to her saying “hey” and on new years day he sent a message “happy New year”. What this guy did is evil, inhuman, abuse to women and children’s right. Please, I need you to put the word out there so that women, especially struggling single mother’s don’t fall victim to this guy. He took advantage over a mother who just lost her second child and used that as an opportunity to scam her to come to the United States. This poor woman is still suffering the financial damage this guy caused her and her child. He intentionally misrepresented this lady with wrong information, he hide the pregnancy of his wife and he could not afford to come to the States. So he was willing to do whatever it takes, he was very determined and he didnt care if he hurt somebody in the process. What he did is betrayal and selfish. He told this woman not to date anybody during that entire time and she believed him, thinking that he was genuine, when infact he was just being selfish. The least he can do is to pay all of this woman’s money back. Anybody who is a human being does not do this to people, let alone, a single mother who is already struggling with her child. People who do these things are not human beings. I am very happy that this lady decided to stand up for herself and share her story so other women and single mothers don’t fall victims to cowards like these ones.”

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