Camer Actress, Candy Laurence allegedly beats her younger cousin  to death.

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Despite all efforts by international and National organisations to fight against child abuse, the phenomenon is still rampant in our societies. One of Cameroon’s top actress and Youtuber (Cooking with Candy Show), Candy laurence is accused of beating her younger cousin to death in Yaounde.

According to our source (which we won’t disclose) the child who was a Form Three  student of Franky Comprehensive  Secondary School Yaoundé, moved to the Actress’ home because of the Current Anglophone crisis. Last Wednesday 31st January, the child was accused of theft, then beaten mercilessly. She went to bed in pains that night and didn’t wake up the next morning of thursday February 1st. 

Rather than taking the child to a nearby hospital, Candy Laurence called her husband, a medical doctor who left for work that morning to come back home to check on the child. That’s when he discovered that the child had died. The class master notified that, there have been reports that Candy Laurence maltreated the child. The family is contemplating on how to go on with the case. While others are calling on a court case, others want the issue to end in the family leve.

People are still to understand Candy Laurence’s inhumane act toward that child considering the fact that she willing accepted to take care of the child. The sstory is still developing and we will update you.

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