CAMIFF 2018: My take on the unjustifiable sex scandal claims

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The Cameroon International Film Festival CAMIFF 2018 an avenue to expose Cameroon movies to the outside world and an opportunity for foreign actors, actresses and other film stakeholders to interact and exchange important business deals . Agbor Gilbert congratulations for a successful CAMIFF 2018. 

People generally admire adversities and enjoy hyping flaws of events but most at times tannish reputations of others . Criticisms intended to provide suggestions  for improvement without insulting the recipient is highly welcome. We should always value the virtues of others and ignore their vices. 

Before I dwell in to the subject matter of this write up, I will like to throw highlight on this. It was rumoured that Davido slept with a “kamer” female artist during his visit to Cameroon. Today, another grouse is currently going viral online of Zack Orji (A Nigerian actor)  allegedly having a sexual affair with  Soli Egbe (A cameroonian actress). Who should we believe? It is true there is “No smoke without Fire” but it is important to note that….continue the story below.

 The loathe in the entertainment industry is becoming alarming . Anyone seeing your progress will deliberately fabricate stories to bring you down. Whatever ! I’m not in any way trying to deny reports coming from left and right of Zack Orji and Soli Egbe allegedly having a sexual affair but such allegations should be backed by evidence . Some complained of Soli Egbe’s sexy attires to seduce Zack Orji. Not to go against blogging ethics check her pictures below and judge if she was extra-ordinarily dressed to have seduced Zack.

After carefully sailing from facebook walls of Cameroonians, my eyes could not escape  Kyng Lloyd post. According to his investigations Soli Egbe personlly  told him. …..

           ” Kyng Lloyd, CAMIFF is like a workshop , a platform and networking which  brings movie markers together .I had the opportunity to meet Zack and exchange contacts,  we discussed on how he can feature on my future projects, since I am a movie producer and actress and also how I can be linked to any foreign projects.Zack was impressed by my confidence and style and he spoke in an elderly manner and NOT for once,  did he mentioned any social or relationship aspect to me or anything patterning to intimacy or sex. I have a lot of respect for that man and he said,  he sees a bright future with our movie industry. I do not know where the false rumour is coming from but our industry is full of competition and it is natural,  we will face such challenges. Zack has much respect for me and I respect him too,  such stories destroy our industry and this is why Ramsey Noah could not attend this year because of such false allegations. Please I have no explanation to give to anybody and even if I had any intimate relationship with Zack,  it won’t have been public and there is nothing bad,  in socializing and dancing with a foreign colleague. Let them talk “

I’m quite tempted at this point . My opinion, Soli Egbe is welly grown mature lady same as Zack Orji who is more of a Father to Soli. Why should we always be in a hurry to conclude things we do not have evidence about? Why should  people’s private matters  become a topic of  public discussion? How has their affair disrupt the proper running of CAMIFF? When I get proper answers to this , will definitely take my stance.  Share your thoughts!

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