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Honey is a viscious, sweet fluid produced from plant nectar by bees often used as tea sweetener . Today, we will be discovering that it goes beyond that . Carefully wash your hair and towel it dry, Place a small, clean bowl over a pot of hot water and mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with one […]

Meet southern Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech who was bullied for her dark skin growing up, but now she’s become an international sensation thanks to her stunning look and teachings about self-love. The 24-year-old first made headlines back in March after she revealed that an Uber driver offered her $10,000 to bleach her skin, insinuating that her […]

It’s no magic! Cameroon is indeed blessed. This  twenty-two year old lady by name Corinne Missi emerged  as the queen of queens for the Miss Africa USA that took place in America beating fourteen Contestants  from different African countries for the crown . This beauty warrior was born in Yaounde the capital of Cameroon in […]

Fezeu Molaping Franck Jordan (FJ) is a 21 years old Cameroonian entrepreneur. Designer of the mark #FJ, he gives a particular touch to the promotion of the Afro-cameroonian culture through the concept : “an ethnic group and proud”. His vision is to promote all Cameroonian ethnics and that is why the tshirts, caps and pull overs […]

​Fezeu Molaping Franck Jordan (FJ) est un jeune entrepreneur camerounais de 21 ans. Créateur et promoteur de la marque  #FJ, il donne une touche particulière à la valorisation de la culture Afro-camerounaise à travers le concept : «Une ethnie et fier»! Sa vision est de promouvoir toutes nos ethnies, c’est pourquoi ses t-shirts, casquettes et pulls […]

Dove has apologised after publishing an advert on its Facebook page which showed a black woman turning into a white woman. The brand was accused of racism over the online advertising campaign and it later admitted it had “missed the mark” with an image posted on Facebook. ​ The advert showed a black woman removing […]

BYOM which is an acronym for Be Your Own Model, a Non Governmental Organization founded by a female young Cameroonian prodigy from the southwest region of Cameroon by name Carisma Esther Patrick Asonganyi. its a Non Governmental Organization which happens to have been in existence for 5years,with the aim of raising a people of Confidence, Originality […]

Recent events in the North West and South West region has also affected bussines in Cameroon. This is seen through the huge economic lost Cameroon registered since  the beginning of this crisis in November. ​ One of the biggest fashion brands in Cameroon, French Kind organised a “Connect to Grow” tour in order to exhibit their […]

Many observers felt that Melania was setting a high-fashion trend at an event in which she needed to come across as more ‘down-to-earth’ and simple. The criticism comes after she created quite a bit of controversy with her stilettos during her visit to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in August.US First Lady Melania […]

Never touch or lick your lips. It  might feel good for the moment but once the saliva evaporates, it will leave the lips even more drier. Enzymes in saliva are delicate to your lips. How do you remove dead dry skin on the lips? Warm water and put on a toothbrush and gently massage your […]

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