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If you look at your natural lashes in the mirror and you wish you had a better pair without necessarily having to install false lashes, keep reading! I am going to provide you with easy tips to help achieve healthy eyelashes.   1.   Avoid false lashes:  Don’t we just love false lashes?!.  They can give your […]

There is no limit to what we can achieve if determination and confidence is within; and Angolan model Lumens Bombo is a great example this and an inspiration.

Looking at photos of Hollywood celebrities, it is practically impossible not to fall in love with their flawless look. However, this look is not achieved just like that, but with the talent and dedication of celebrity makeup artists. If you want to look just as amazing, we invite you to keep on reading this article. […]

Fashion brand Andrea Iyaham’s spring/ summer 2016 Campaign is out of this world fabulous. The prints are bold, sexy, cultured and earthy. The brand is owned by Nigerian fashion designer Dumebi Iyamah – who started developing her craft at an early age and by her mid-late teens began to construct the A.I brand. We love the […]

If you are a fashion aficionado, you will be no stranger to the name Agnes and Lola, the designer label that unites African ethos with contemporary styles. Founded in 2010, Agnes and Lola is a London-based online retailer of African brands that choose to promote African fashion designers who contribute to the development of Africa. We take a […]

Self-confessed ‘textile nerd’, Sindiso Khumalo focuses on contemporary textiles that are sustainable, that she creates by drawing on her Zulu and Ndebele roots and that are influenced by the Bauhaus Movement and the Memphis Movement. Although, she started out as a student of architecture at the University of Cape Town and worked with architect David […]

Founded in 2008 by Aisha Obuobi who labeled the brand after the woman she took great inspiration from, her grandmother – Christie Brown. Obuobu’s luxury brand carters to women interested in Neo-Africa; by using ‘traditional African Aesthetics’ on modern styles to produce a global wardrobe for the contemporary African woman. Some items from Christie Brown 2016 collection:   […]

I love Lem Lem’s clothing collection; and with all the different pieces, you can put together; a casual sophisticated look, a bohemian and festival ensemble; and the California laid back swag. Their collection in quite minimal with subtle solid colours or patterns; however gives you the opportunity to pair up with some bold accessories and […]

Most fashion designers usually have a background in fashion design/ textiles even before they hit it off big on their own — but not Lisa Folawiyo; a lawyer with no career satisfaction. Lisa quit her job and had nothing but her passion for fashion to guide her as she decided to start a fashion label that would redefine the […]

The quest for ethical and sustainable fashion led Akosua Afriyie–Kumi on a journey to showcase the age-old weaving techniques of Northern Ghana. The result is the eponymous designer label Aaks. Talking about her journey she says, “I am from Ghana and basket bags are very popular in my country, but nobody has done anything new […]

The dashiki is one of the most popular garment in west Africa. The rest of Africa, and the world have taken a liken to it; and here are three ways you can rock a dashiki mini skirt. Item can be purchased at Mujo Six.

Suakoko Betty: Merging African Colors With Today’s Fashion Charlene Dunbar founder of Suakoko Betty fell in love at the age of 9. But unlike others, she hasn’t got over her first love even today. Her love was and is contemporary African fashion.  Charlene, specializes in the creation of West African wax and resist-dye printed dresses and pursues the goal […]

Millie Collines is a brand that represents the contemporary and pluralistic African woman; with garments that are detailed, creative and influenced by the African culture. Their collection ‘celebrates’ the working/ business woman as well as mothers/ homemakers with fashionable items. Mille Collines is about representing you. A woman who belongs to Africa. Who lives in […]

Hi Guy’s! So I’ve officially decide to post weekly beauty tips every Tuesday; and if you would like to learn new tricks and tips, visit E-kwat’s beauty page every Tuesday. I also welcome your suggestions for beauty topics you would like me to cover and I will offer my guidance and product review. In this […]

This has to be the worst year for fashion at the Met Gala, but luckily a few celebrities gave us great fashion & style. Miranda Kerr Kylie Jenner                                                       […]

Lupita is definitely not on her own when it comes to naming the worst dressed celebrities at this year Met Gala. But we had to write about her as her fashion lately has declining. When Lupita came to the lame light we got style, fashion, glam from Lupita; but these days we no longer see […]

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