Scotch eggs is one of the perfect snack eaten nationwide especially in cameroon and Nigeria. ” Scotch egg” originated from the united kingdom(Wikipedia). It is available in supermarkets, corner stores and motor parks in cameroon. It is usually served with a hot spicy pepper In this article you will discover or learn how to make […]

Doughnuts is a type of fried dough confection or desert food. This exceptional snack, is eaten in most part of the country and is done in various, forms.homemade or purchased in a store.(Google) Learn how to make the best doughnuts of all time. Ingredients  Sugar   Butter   Eggs   Milk Baking powder  Cinnamon  Salt […]

Le Achu!  Dit taro, qui s’accompagne de sauce jaune est une recette traditionnelle camerounaise. Retrouvez la recette ici… Cette sauce dorée et délicate peut être un véritable régal ou une catastrophe, dépendamment de la recette que vous suivez. Ingrédients  1kg de viande (boeuf) Bouillon de viande ou cube Maggy Sel gemme (kanwa) Épices de la […]

Achu! a Cameroon traditional dish. If you have been looking for recipe for Achu soup(sauce jeune) here you go….. This gloriously yellow , delicate soup can be superb or catastrophic depending if you carry-out essential points. Check out the ingredients … Pounds of assorted meet(cow skin) bouillon powder or Maggie Ground limestone Ground achu spice( […]

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