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Cucumber is a widely known vegetable with lots of health benefits to the body, it is the fourth most cultivated vegetables in the world. There are three kinds of cucumber namely  Slicing,pickling and seedless   Below are the top 5 amazing health benefits of cucumber which will make you love it even more.    Aids […]

<!–RndAds–> Au cours de sa vie l’homme s’alimente de tous types de produits qui d’une manière ou d’une autre laissent des résidus. Les toxines proviennent de tout: de l’eau, des aliments, de l’alcool, de la cigarette etc. Nous le négligeons tous à cause du manque de temps, d’exercices physiques ou par ignorance. Ce qui provoque […]

<!–RndAds–> L’Africure Pharmaceuticals Cameroon S.A. (APC) peut désormais être ajoutée à la liste des avancées camerounaises. Ce joyau est bâti sur 10 000 m2 et a nécessité de 5 milliards de frcs CFA; budget alloué grâce à la coopération Inde-Cameroun. La batisse dispose de deux sections de laboratoires, la phytochimie et la microbiologie, qui devraient […]

An information has been going viral online especially on Whatsapp platforms that a man is transmitting HIV AIDS to girls. The man who we got his name from Facebook as Daracing de Dubai (Le dugsagar camerounais) is accused of affecting many girls in Buea and other parts of Cameroon with the deady virus. According to […]

Honey is a viscious, sweet fluid produced from plant nectar by bees often used as tea sweetener . Today, we will be discovering that it goes beyond that . Carefully wash your hair and towel it dry, Place a small, clean bowl over a pot of hot water and mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with one […]

As I grew up,  I knew the sweetest thing on earth is sugar and that perception still stands.  Sugar sweetens up tea and further activates your brain and other body cells.  After a very brilliant research by some medical practitioners,  a summary was taken from their findings. Those with cancer and why not those without […]

The Yaounde University Hospital(CHU) has been very tense all day Wednesday September 20th ,2017 after a young lady was reported to have accused the  university teaching Hospital in the nation’s capital  of having stolen her new born source Paul Chouta hinted. According information gathered  which were later confirmed by testimonies of the lady, she gave […]

Maggi really makes your meal delicious but see the latest news I found about it . Oh!! God have mercy​ Remember to no longer consume MAGGI CUBE. Customs have recovered and shipped a good quantity of fake MAGGI Cube to Senegal where it has killed 196 people. It came from China. It’s alleged that MAGGI […]

This has been many a woman’s dream to cut down and be a super star. Fats has increasingly in recent time lose its popularity . See some of the natural ways you can cure it . Get pawpaw leaves and extract its Juice Get bitter leave too and extract Juice from it.  Mix the paw […]

The ministry of public health in a communique announced that a cholera epidemic have been declared in Douala since the 7th of September. Douala have witness the rise of Cholera cases this past days. The ministry of public health in the same communique states that any case of Cholera will be treated free of charge […]

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