President Paul Biya and wife Chantal have been in Lyon (France ) since Tuesday the 8th of October 2019 for the global fund Conference to fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and malaria . The president of the Republic of Cameroon’s meeting with the president of France Macron Emmanuel was held in a very comfortable atmosphere. His […]

We just received reports that Bernard Muna, Eldest son of the Muna family is no more. Alice Sadio of the AFP party ( Bernard Muna’s political party) made the announcement on her Facebook page. The Barrister died this Sunday age 79. The family has not publish any official communique for the moment. His younger brother […]

October 5th is a special day designated to celebrate teachers for the character and intellectual scrutiny they implant in generations from their strictness and wisdom. Cameroon is blessed with well trained teachers and it was celebrated with a lot of integrity across the National territory . With the unstable socio political climate of the country, […]

The grand National dialogue that had commenced on the 30th of September and ended on the 4th of October 2019 seems to be yielding some fruits as aftermaths. The five days discussion at the Congress hall Yaounde has paved the way for positive actions from president of the Republic of Cameroon following a communique he […]

The President of the Republic is on the spotlight again. After discontinuing the case of 333 Anglophones arrested for minor crimes related to the Anglophone crisis, the president of the republic has ordered the discontinuation of proceeding pending at the military court against some officials of political parties especially CRM militants (Cameroon Renaissance Movements) I […]

The President of the Republic Paul Biya through the Minister of State, Secretary General at the Presidency Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has announce the discontinuation of case against 333 Anglophone Cameroonians arrested for MISDEMEANOR (minor crimes) in connection with the Anglophone crisis. I have ordered the discontinuance of proceedings pending before Military Tribunals against 333 persons […]

This afternoon, the Spoke person of the National Dialogue announced that five separatist fighters decided to drop their weapons and take part in the National Dialogue. They are; – General Capture and Destroy – Commander Kusi – Ezemo Custodian of Shrine – No Mercy – Commander Champion General Capture Destroy said he was send by […]

Monday the 30th of September 2019 marked another historic conference in the history of the country Cameroon. This came abruptly following president Paul Biya’s speech of an urgent call for dialogue after the prolonged crisis that almost morphed into a war . 10 a.m prompt saw the invitees for the national dialogue at the Yaounde […]

It’s with a heavy heart we received the disappearance of Patricia Leba Metoukson, CRTV mid day news presenter. According to information circulating online, the lifeless body of the young dynamic Journalist was found in her residence this afternoon. For the moment we don’t know the Cause of her dead but investigations from the Police will […]

Following ministerial orders from the Cameroon’s PM Dion Ngute that stipulated that 119 candidates from the just written ENAM’s waiting list and those who went for orals be added to the final list of successful candidates admitted into the institutiin, but on the contrary, no single common law candidate was added to the list even […]

A ghastly motor accident occurred early this morning along the Douala – Yaounde road. According to information we received, a bus belonging to Garanti Express collided with a Semi trailer truck in Pouma. Eight people died on the spot and many injured victims were rushed to a near by hospital. CRTV news tweeted that it’s […]

In prelude to the dialogue plan, the minister of External relations Mbella Mbella seems unhappy about the communication strategies from external services. In a circular letter dated 13th September 2019, addressed to Cameroon’s embassies, high commissions and delegations abroad. He says; “It has been reported that there is a lack of communication from certain external […]

Social Democratic Front first national vice chairman Honourable Joshua Osih and his party militants responded collaboratively to the head of states open invitation from the prime minister head of Government to exchange on the fourthcoming national inclusive dialogue convened by the president of the Republic in a speech made on the 10th of September 2019. […]

President Paul Biya’s September 10th speech was not an ordinary one. The president of the republic spoke to the Nation on a day different from his traditional 31st December and 10th February. The Anglophone crisis was the main reason he spoke to the Nation last night. Many people reacted to the President’s 30 minutes speech; […]

The information was first revealed by whistle blower Boris Bertolt. One of Vision 4’s top journalists and Director Ernest Obama was suspended from his post of Director of the Tv channel this thursday September 5th by Amougou Belinga owner of the TV station. The Journalist and some of his colleagues were involve in a huge […]

Crtv’s statistics says Five to Six million students reopened school today in Cameroon while reports reaching us confirms school resumption in the two regions ended up a Fiasco just like the botch hosting of AFCON 2019. You will be left in a dumb position after reading some shocking details about how it unfolded in the […]

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