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Nguélé Michel est l’agent de la SONARA suspecté pour le meurtre de Jeanne Christelle, survenu à Olembe. Cet homme a enfreint le 5e commandement et est en cabale depuis le 15 janvier 2018. Selon des sources proches de la défunte, elle serait rentrée de Limbé ce lundi 15 et le corps ensanglanté a été découvert […]

Nguele Michel is a SONARA worker who is now in panic and fear for voilating God’s 5th commandment .Report says he is on the run after murdering his girlfriend Jeanne Christelle Mfeugue in Olembe, a  neighborhood in Yaounde.According to various reliable sources, Michel came all away  from Limbe on  Monday January 15, and after killing Christelle, disappeared.Her body […]

Nfor Hanson Nchanji former equinox TV journalist who has magnanimously impart Cameroonians with his very exquisite, fluent and factual reports today made this statement on his facebook timeline,  after he had purportedly tendered a resignation letter to the equinox Tv head  due to the warning letter his brother had received from unknown persons to Warn […]

The Cameroon Government in her duty places ban to the selling of milk that might be dangrrous to its citizens .Government is advising citizens to immediately notify State authorities if they come across shops that are still selling milk and cereals which have been identified to possibly contain salmonella bacteria. The call is based on […]

EDITORS SPECIAL: WAN SHEY FOR THE CULTURE IF Young Holiday goes on holiday, Wan Shey go teach for holiday classes.  Here is a tale of how a rapper depicts society on sound without neglecting the art of poetry. I am talking about cultural relevance in rhymes and the timing of punchlines that make a beer […]

Some days back, we wrote an article gotten from Kinnaka’s blog that one of cameroon’s top actor, Frank Sire scammed a single mother  base in the United State thousands of Dollars. The information has been going  viral online especially on Facebook. The Kinnaka’s blog published another information that Frank Sire threatened to leak the single […]

Since its creation in a very tense context in 1990 due to Cameroon’s return to multi-party politics, the SDF has participated in three presidential elections respectively in 1992, 2004 and 2011 with the same candidate, Ni John Fru Ndi. And each time, the irremovable chairman came in second place after Paul Biya according to the […]

Constance Ejuma is an award-winning actress and producer. Born in Cameroon and raised in the US, studied theater at the University of Toronto in Canada. She later attended Leicester University in the UK where she received a master’s degree in Mass Communications. After completing her studies Ejuma spent a brief time pursuing acting in the Washington, […]

Contrary to what we reported earlier, the Governor of the South West has issued a press statement disclaiming reports that schools were attacked in in and around Buea today January 15th . Read related article below. unidentified men attack schools in Muea, Pandemonium hits Buea. The governor called on the  population, students, teachers and the […]

According to sources at the South West Gendarmerie Legion, Chief Warrant Officer Endaman in the town of Ekondo-Titi was murdered on Sunday by English-speaking activists. ”  We were alerted on the morning of January 14th of the kidnapping of our comrade. After this announcement, research was launched and in the early evening we found his body lifeless  , […]

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