Wonders shall never end! Just when we thought we have seen It all, news keeps “dripping” from all corners. It is really funny how a woman was reported to have bitten her boy friend’s tongue and refused to let go after a break up kiss. This Ghanian lady by name Miriam fell in love with […]

Engagements, the beginning of a life long bond called marriage, the final decision to tell the whole clearly that you belong to one partner, the act that says we are officially exclusive with one another. Engagements are done with a ring most, doesn’t matter the size of the ring, big ,small, round, square, oval, diamond, […]

Every one who has studied in Cameroon is aware that our educational system is very tough and demanding. The GCE ordinary levels and Advanced levels take a lot of preparation before it is written and some students take a couple of years before their names can be read over the national radio with rest of […]

Friday the 15th of June 2018 marked the celebration of the feast of Ramadan by the Muslims all over the world. It has passed and gone but stories keeps popping from left and right . E kwat tv just received a “hot gist” that Mariama Bintou,  a 19year old lady  died under the blows of […]

On May 16th, 2018  Lopes almost lost his manhood when a woman who lives in the same yard as him allegedly poured boiled water on him. The 25year old man from  Mombassi of Ghana,   believed God sent an angel to protect him. “The woman has beef with me because I refused to sleep with […]

It all happened in Malawi (salima district)  that the staff members of the kambom health center were all shocked by Lenia Phini’s latest . Report says the young lady visited the health center on March 20th 2018 with two stones wrapped in a piece of cloth claiming that she had given birth to the stones […]

The Cameroon International Film Festival CAMIFF 2018 an avenue to expose Cameroon movies to the outside world and an opportunity for foreign actors, actresses and other film stakeholders to interact and exchange important business deals . Agbor Gilbert congratulations for a successful CAMIFF 2018.  People generally admire adversities and enjoy hyping flaws of events but most […]

The love Joel Embiid has for Rihanna is not a secret to anymore. The talented NBA star has been showing interest to go on a date with Chris Brown’s ex to no avail but will she accept this time?  Some days back, the Cameroonian inflamed the internet with his interest for the Barbadian star Rihanna. […]

According to information we got from an indian Website, On sunday March 25th 2018,a baby was born on the district of magara in  India . Looking like an 80year old man. According to the doctors, the baby has a rare condition called progeria which causes wrinkles on the face , a very sunken body and polio […]

No matter how we pretend, no matter how we claim to embrace christianism , no matter how Godly we claim to be , each and everyone has a feeling. Even pastors who deliver people in churches equally kiss their wives. Kissing is kissing ! But the big question is who invented this custom that you […]

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