Jovi Lemonstre is on everyone’s lip after his saga with Pascal last night in Douala. We all know that Jovi’s relationship with some industry stakeholders made him gain more enemies than friends. Many think he is the one retarding the growth of the Camer music industry just like this facebook user Marcellino Bijourezz who think […]

The Cameroon entertainment industry penned down three land mark events on the 30th of November 2019 in Douala. The Douala Music Art Festival (DOMAF) , Askia’s Bag series concert, and Une Journée Avec Ma Star (UJAMS) . Musical enthusiasts who came from far and near were into war with their brains on which to behear […]

Is Stanley Enow’s album the most streamed in Cameroon? With a cool riff , soaring chorus, and rhythmic drumming, Cameroonian international act Stanley Enow finally unveils the long anticipated album titled Stanley vs Enow. Stanley vs Enow album is a 12 track album, simple but sweet, as he marries great African musical tycoons like Fally […]

A small passenger plane killed 25 people just after take off in the Congolese region of Goma. Seven people of the same family died after the plane crashed in a populated neighbourhood on the 24th of November 2019. The plane, operated by local company Busy Bee, went down after shortly take-off in the eastern city […]

Anyone who values Cameroonian art will absolutely applaud Ambe Tebong Neba for his diligence, worksomeness, perseverance and his laborious or toilsome efforts to be where he is today. He has strived relentlessly all these years and had bagged a wonderful deal with TECNO (Telephone company) last year as ambassador before Nabila could take over from […]

A funny sextape stormed social media last night which left everyone dumbfounded . A couple is seen having sex in a kitchen and what caught people’s attention was the lady in the Video. Many people were convinced that it was popular singer Blanche Bailly. We can’t doubt their resemblance but we can assure you that […]

This pair statuesque Cameroonian super stars , artist Stanley Enow of the mother land empire and actress Syndy Emade of the Blue Rain entertainment are allegedly in a secret relationship. “There is no smoke without fire” as a lay man on street would say. It was last year that Syndy whomped up the media to […]

We are just from receiving reports from a close source who pleaded his identity should not be disclosed that Daphne Njie the lead Stevens Music singer collapsed on stage in Atlanta USA during her stage performance. It took place at CEPHORA LOUNGE which was to be hosted by GENERALLOPEZ and CHRISTIAN on Saturday the 16th […]

It’s no news that Stanley Enow’s album “Stanley vs Enow” is the most anticipated album in Cameroon this year after Jovi’s “God Don Kam“. Peope went wild after a flyer went viral online with the names of international artists who featured in the album. Naza, Fally Ipupa, South African rapper Cassper, Hiro, Ariele Sheney and […]

Salatiel , Mr Leo , Blaise B and Askia have fought relentlessly to see that this record label’s growth be evitable. You could not talk of any record label in Cameroon without mentioning Alpha Better Records. The team work, team spirit and solidarity with amazing quality music releases was the case in the years back. […]

Magasco cried on social media of Cameroon lacking a music market but got burning talents.Anyone in his right senses will know music is not all about the market but about the strategies you employ to get your art known out there. Gabon has got Patience Dabany with just a population of 2.1 million . Patience’ […]

There’s something else which enters an artist’s life before success does “Maturity” . Once an artist starts treating his work in a professional way and surrenders himself to his art, success follows him. How will you know you are becoming a successful artist ? You achieve a state of peace when your only focus remains […]

History is about to be made . Tanzanian musical King Diamond Platinum is getting set to commence his musical tour in Cameroon . The first edition of the Njeiforbi Music Festival is announced to take place on Friday the 22nd of November 2019 in Douala at Las Vegas VIP and Saturday the 23rd of November […]

He may not be familiar to the public but after his debut EP, you will have reasons to Love him. Phil Daisy is a talented dance hall, Hip Hop Rock Artist and song writer born on August 30th 1992 as Ajonglefac Phillip. His debut EP “Rise Above Circumstances” is set to drop on the 9th […]

According to TVline, the Cameroonian born Hollywood star will feature in the American drama series “Chicago Fire Season 8“. Andy Allo will play the role of a young and ambitious fire investigation officer known as Lt. Wendy Seagar (Black Lighterning). Guess who’s going to be on @ChicagoFireNBC?!? That’s right. Get ready for yours truly to […]

Three Cameroonian upcoming artistes had won the heart of Blu Nation’s pride and first signee Tzy Panchak which saw their coming together to express their musical thoughts on Iron beat. Tzy has been praised, congratulated and adorned for such a magnanimous gesture to the industry . The major preoccupation stemmed from the fact that the […]

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