Motherland Empire frontline artist Stanley Enow is currently in the United State of America shooting a movie “Return to Kingship” with Cameroonian born film maker Bigsteve Agbor. The rapper first tweeted about it yesterday October 15th but many didn’t believe. Shooting a movie in New Orleans 🔥🔥❤️❤️ — StanleyVsEnow #AlbumOutOctober (@StanleyEnow) October 15, 2019 According […]

Cameroonian rapper/producer Jovi Lemonstre has been making news lately in Cameroon. His feud with former label mate Pascal Yung King is trending on every social media platforms. One thing that is not trending is the training program the rapper will organise in the days ahead. Jovi Lemonstre some days ago announced that he will groom […]

Wizkid’s series of concerts in Europe known as Starboy Fest will start this October in England and end in France on the 26th in Paris. The Nigerian super star dropped the list of artists who will warm Paris’ Les Docks Pullman Concert hall and among them is Cameroonian Born French RnB/Soul artist Tayc. #StarboyFest Paris! […]

We just learned that an up and coming rapper Street Beaz was jailed today over a Political post he made on Facebook. His manager Bongatan Zack left for Limbe this afternoon after he received a call from a Police Commissioner. The rapper on one of his posts revealed that the National dialogue won’t be inclusive […]

Some days ago, we received information that French artist Vegedream will perform in Cameroon this end of year. According to our source, negotiations with the artist were done and dusted until flyers were available online. Going through twitter this morning, we discovered that the artist was not aware of anything. A fan asked to know […]

Information of Mama Nguea’s dead is spreading like wild fire on facebook. Many internet users said the legendary makossa artist kicked the bucket last night in a hospital. This Information is fake according to “Le Quatrieme Pouvoir” who contacted her to verify. “… No do not be afraid, do not be afraid … I ask […]

Are there any benefits of having a large subscriber community or uploading your visual content on the same platform as the leading Cameroon artist, Daphne? Could “Steven Music” home to Daphne, Boy Tag, Shura, M-Pro and new addition Ewube, be doing more to promote their artistes other than relaying on a platform built by Daphne’s […]

The singer and producer surprised every one with this news on his Facebook page. Alpha Better Record singer and producer Blaise B also known as Akwandor this Tuesday morning made a shocking revelation on his Facebook page. We believe that the musician is suffering from a skin disease known as Vitiligo. This is what he […]

US based Cameroonian artist and business woman Dencia is not happy with the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The singer decided to express herself on the situation in South Africa and Cameroon. Why does Xenophobia even exists? Why will you kill & destroy people who look just like u? Why will u even kill […]

Says who one can’t make a living off blogging?? Cameroon is gradually evolving as people can now make a living using digital means. Cameroon’s star political blogger, journalist and media personality has been made brand ambassador for ICM London, a job providing and study institution. Arrey Bate, founder of ARREYB Media has unveiled his contact […]

One of the most celebrated Jazz artist, Richard Bona has made his choice for the October 7th election. As we all know, he will never cast his vote or support the the regime in place.  In a Facebook post yesterday September 29th, the artist showed support for four opposition leaders; Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon […]

Legendary Makossa artist, Petit Pay aka Rabba Rabbi was involved in an accident yesterday evening in Douala around Makepe. Circumstances behind the accident are still blur. We learn that he has double fractures on his leg and wrist. The artist will be performing in a CPDM rally in the upcoming days.

Considered as one of the best record labels in Cameroon, Steven’s Music Entertainment celebrates five years of existence. Founded on the 27th of September 2013, they had as mission to bring Africa’s experience to the world of music. From the look of things, the label is gradually achieving their objective. This label is known for […]

It has been a beautiful journey all through with great improvements and achievements by stakeholders of the Cameroon showbiz industry. EKWAT TV on her part equally wants to contribute see others shine , see others realise their dreams, and to discover talents. She however, looked into the dance sector of the Cameroon showbiz which is […]

political parties are looking for strategies to attract youths to their side. These Cameroonian youths who see no reason to join politics or go out to vote because of lost hopes. The Cameroon People Democratic Movement is one of these political parties doing everything to win back the confidence of Cameroonian youths.  One of their […]

Ndukong Godlove Nfor artistically perceived as Jovi Le Monstre is one of the most controversial established artiste in the 237 Music industry. Sometimes he keeps fans in state of discombobulation as no one can really understand his thoughts. Blessed with potentials and very dynamic and unique in the musical World, Jovi is often praised. Jovi […]

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