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​Wan Shey’s stylistic ability to match up meaningful words to form a rhyming couplet is making him outstanding in his rap music journey. He is one of who is so passionate about music especially in the rap domain. He is accurate, fluent and exceptionally pleasing amongst all up coming Cameroonian rap artists. Rumours have been […]

Mr Leo’s consistency in music is apparent and very undoubtful . He is making it real with moral lessons in all his songs. When he had released his song titled “pray” many fans appreciated and said Leo’s inspiration might die down as the song was making hit. Nevertheless, Leo just surprised his fans once again […]

Cette semaine, la fille du Président, Brenda Biya et le milieu de terrain Alexandre Song ont été repérés mettant des sourires sur le visage d’enfants défavorisés. Ils ont visité un orphelinat de Yaoundé, où ils ont partagé ce qu’ils ont avec des enfants. Le nom de l’orphelinat n’a pas été dévoilé pour des mesures de […]

Cameroon’s first daughter Brenda Biya and one of Cameroon’s top mid fielders Alexandre Song Were spotted during the week putting smiles on the faces of underprivileged children. They visited an orphanage in Yaounde to share what they have to the children. The kids got into dancing, singing competitions. The name of the orphanage was not […]

2017 has been awesome in Daphne’s musical career with her hit song “Cale” that pushed her to the forefront of Camer Music industry. And for that reason, she was gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz as a Birthday Present even though her birthday passed a long time ago. The vehicle was offered by Stephen Music […]

​Njilifac Queendoline an ideal , distinct and most celebrated Cameroonian celebrity model of recent times, today has opened another page for discussion. Thursday the 28th of December 2017, Njilifac took a bold step  in her life ever as she visited the St Therese Orphanage Obili Yaounde accompanied by EKWAT TV bloggers. She is 21years , […]

Gomez a  famous Cameroonian musician from the south today the 26th of December 2017 , made a very controversial statement on his facebook page . He has been doing so well in the industry . His  song “je t’aime”  lighted up flames at the Bonteh Digital Media awards as he had performed life.  He has […]

Meet southern Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech who was bullied for her dark skin growing up, but now she’s become an international sensation thanks to her stunning look and teachings about self-love. The 24-year-old first made headlines back in March after she revealed that an Uber driver offered her $10,000 to bleach her skin, insinuating that her […]

The most followed music competition in Cameroon came to an end yesterday December 14th live on many TV channels in Cameroon. Many artists like Dynastie Le Tigre, Dapahne etc were invited to sing in the competition and that was live Music. If Dynastie’s Live performance was appreciated, Daphne’s own didn’t move some music experts. One […]

Its been 25 years now this 44th but most outstanding, charismatic and jovial former president of America Barack Obama came into a legal union with Michelle Obama fulfilling their marriage rights as husband and wife. Barack is highly remarked for the attention he pays to his family especially to his precious golden wife Michelle Obama. […]

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