Check a probable reason why Dr Nkeng Stephen takes FCFA 1 million for Music Video production.

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Many Cameroonian young rising talents have been pondering why  Dr Nkeng Stephen charge so high for Music Video production. Which is indeed a worry for every aspiring artists.There was a fast spread online rumour some months back that Nkeng takes nothing less than FCFA 1million for Music Video production. However, It would be important we note that longevity or permenence in service has made Nkeng Stephen master the camera  language  . He conceives charming positions for the dancers that will generate a desire for every fan to must watch. Full with surprises and likes working underground, Nkeng may just be paving his way to be highly distinct from other video directors but yet still giving best quality visuals.Some of his loud sounding videos that will never quit our eyes include.Rastafira by Daphne,Hala Ya Matta by Makon,Gun Shot by Daphne,Chop No Deh by Ream Squad ft Wax Dey,Jakiri by Vreezy Ville ft Arre and a host of many others.

why does Nkeng Charge that high amount? Dr. Nkeng Stephen is full of surprises ,he  is quietly answering the doubts we have about his price tag.  It was on Wednesday, the 11th of April 2018, that he organised a Workshop at the Buea Shopping Mall . The turn out was quite impressive as  People came from Douala, Nkongsamba, Bafousam, Bamenda, Tiko, Kumba, Buea etc to be part. The Workshop was solely focused on the following Topics, 

 Creating a Concept, Lighting, Camera Settings, Kind of Shots, Lenses and their Uses, Camera Movement, Editing, and Colorgrading. 

According to reports we got , attendees were able to participate during the Individual Camera Movement Practice as he assisted  them correctly hold a Gimbal (a piece of equipment that helps keep the Camera Stable). Dr Nkeng Stephens recently wrote this on his page,

 “This Workshop was very important to me. We didn’t have any means of learning while we were upcoming directors. It was important that I help pave the way for the next generation of directors. It was important I share my knowledge and techniques so a stuggling or upcoming director might be able to pick up a technique. It is important to me that they know not to give up.”

Quite interesting, Nkeng actually dashed out his techniques to the upcoming directors to pick up the fresh practical knowledge that might go long way expose their skills. So kind a man! Congratulations Dr Nkeng Stephen. Those who attended the workshop actually applauded Nkeng and confirmed he has the right to keep charging FCFA 1million for all his works but Could this be the reason he charge such an amount? Thoughts!!

   It will equally be a show of ingratitute if I don’t mention the name of this next big gift for Cameroon (Geraldrico Guevara). He might soon be Nkeng’s annext. Lets watch out.

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