Check out the  Most unexpected  action taken by Miss Blue Cameroun NorthWest  finalist Njilifac Queendoline

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​Njilifac Queendoline an ideal , distinct and most celebrated Cameroonian celebrity model of recent times, today has opened another page for discussion. Thursday the 28th of December 2017, Njilifac took a bold step  in her life ever as she visited the St Therese Orphanage Obili Yaounde accompanied by EKWAT TV bloggers. She is 21years , dark  coloured skin,  a teacher who completed her training at higher teacher’s training college ( commonly known as ENS) bambili this year 2017, and will continue her degree program this year in waits for posting.

Njilifac  with the team that accompanied her were able to get a water filter for the children, a carton of soap, and 7 quality blue bockets. She gave a talk on how the kids should maintain themselves hygienically and the importance of being in a clean and natural environment with the slogan Go blue for clean water.Through out her childwood she’s been dreaming to create an impact not only in education but as a great woman in Africa and in the world . Luckily enough  she has an elder sister that inspires and encourages her. She gained couraged and began modelling in lower sixth , competing for Miss lycée bilingue d’étoug-ébé Yaoundé.

God’s miracle over her she finally  succeeded with the Higher teacher’s training college competitive examination ( ENS) bambili where during their end of year party  she competed for Miss butterfly organised by the biology  department and she won.However, When she was in level two,  she went in for Miss ENS Bambili and emerged  victorious. Also, during the university games which took place at Soa university2 Yaounde, sponsored by MTN,  a competition called   Miss mtn campus was launched, she equally  went in for and still!!

She became popular and was called in Douala to compete for Miss Cameroun 2016 and unfortunately she didn’t succeed  given she wasn’t prepared and lacked experienced of such a wow modelling competition. But nevertheless she never gave up!! In her level 2 still,  she needed exposure and did research online and discovered this fashion agency,  SHOSA( Shooting Stars Association) so, she contacted them to be trained as one of their models and they adviced her  to begin with Miss Talented Bamenda competition, so she took it upon herself to go in for it and luckily for her she won, from there, she got the opportunity to meet other wonderful models and began her contracts with SHOSA. She has been into several other competitions such as Miss Beach Cameroun 2017, Miss Amaze the world and now Miss Blue Cameroun 2018. Bravo Njilifac Queendoline, dear readers drop a word of encouragement to this lady… 

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  1. Chi Fabs says:

    Wow. Hope she ends up winning Miss Cameroon some day and even go international. Great job E-Kwat.

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