Child theft Reported at the Yaounde University Teaching Hospital

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The Yaounde University Hospital(CHU) has been very tense all day Wednesday September 20th ,2017 after a young lady was reported to have accused the  university teaching Hospital in the nation’s capital  of having stolen her new born source Paul Chouta hinted.
According information gathered  which were later confirmed by testimonies of the lady, she gave birth to a premature child , 3 months before her due date. She says her baby  was subsequently put to the incubator at the  said  hospital  (CHU).

This morning when she asked to see her child, she was informed that her child is dead and is currently at the morgue. Once at the morgue she does not recognize her child and requesting an explanation as to why she was never informed of the death of the fruit of her worm before is was  taken to the mortuary , source Paul Chouta hinted.

Besides ,she also wants to kown how the baby could have been put in the morgue without her opinion.

As the events unfolded,at about 12 o’clock her husband had secured a bailiff and some of the family members  who blocked the entrance to the hospital demanding explanations. At press time a huge crowd was still visibly  clustered at the entrance of the CHU in Melen.


Source: Alafanet.

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