Could it be true Empire duped this upcoming artist “Brians Lee” a sum of FCFA 1million to get his song play on Trace TV? 

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Brians Lee’s music career gets better as days goes by. He just made us realise there are still undiscovered talents in Cameroon . Brian Lee’s ever first journey into music was when he made a remix of Franko’s Coler la petit in Lamnso which is the Banso language. The song went viral and trended almost more than the original version. Brian’s selling point is his logical ability to manupulate his voice which get attention from his fans .He became popular when Cameroonians tasted his ever first art work which was the song he dropped titled pour moi doit sortir. He gained recognition from famous Cameroonian music stars . 

The young talented music king stayed quiet for a while without any release.Some of his fans felt discouraged and thought his inspirations were all gone but to our greatest surprised he burst out this time with a captivative satiating piece of master piece music titled MISTA HIPS produced by Media Music. The prolific star had loved his MISTA HIPS sound to an extend he wanted it to be played on TRACE TV. He contacted Empire Music to guide him on how his song could get to Trace.

So desperate and inquisitive to see his song played on Trace TV, Brian Lee and his team immediately raised this amount and gave to Empire for them to facilitate things out for him. However, it is important noting that Pit Baccardi owns this label and it was created in 2012 with great artists signed to the label like Magasco, Nami Nami Cyrus ,Mimi and many others. 

Social media users were shocked reading from Dulafe Valery’s time line about the above stated problem. Dalafe is a journalist and a communicator Which according to him it was pure scam . He raised his voice to condemn the act of exploiting upcoming artists who struggle by themselves.  E Kwat tv decided to contact Brians Lee and he directed us to one of his close collaborators which  she openly told us all what Dulafe said is true and real. Check what Valery wrote below

I know it is not only EMPIRE in this SCAM because I also received proof of another promoter in Buea doing the same thing, it is a network. I will handle your case after. Now with that said let’s get to business. 

Last week I unapologetically came out with a post  in which I made public my research and findings on how and why Cameroonian artists can’t have their music played in TRACE TV because of A BLOCK. Many of you came and tried to defend this ill saying “PIT BACCARDI is a great person “and all that. I will be clear and in my post I did not attack PIT but attacked the PRACTICES OF EMPIRE and even if I did , do I look afraid to you? 

I tell you this and you will hear the truth. “VIDEO ENTRIES TO TRACE If some of you have transformed it into BUSINESS, do it silently and ethically .Now when I published the case of Brains Lee,  an alarm was raised. This young artists struggled and did a video, met an elder brother and begged him to help him get his song on TRACE TV. The Elder brother said ” if you ain’t got 1 million frs, then I can’t help you. ” The young artist sold almost all he had to raise that money, gave it to the elder brother and he took this money and never SUBMITTED the video to TRACE. When this artist speaks up you say HE SHOULD SIT  SILENT. So is a brother wrong to want his songs aired in other countries? Now recently my attention was called to another case beating EMPIRE and another artist. Read below. 

“Brians Lee is not the only victim in this scam. There are dozens of artists who have been duped. In one confirmed case that has come to my attention, Pit collected 1 million frs from a company to play their music video on Trace. He signed a contract with them. After a couple of months, they could not see the video on air and Pit refused to give them any feedback and refused to refund the money. The case was taken to some directors of Trace by another artist Wax Dey. After this intervention, Trace confirmed to the company that Pit had never submitted the video to them for airplay.  A police case was opened against Pit before he refunded the money. The video was then aired  by Trace WITHOUT payment. Why collect 1million from someone if you would not even submit the video?”

Below is an artist.  Here is PART of tge contract EMPIRE did with Brians Lee promising him passages on TRACE TV, MTV ,other channels. In other countries, People fight to get  their brothers and sisters into stardom but in Cameroon, people sit comfortably and extort 💰money from artists without actually doing nothing. I don’t have a problem if you do your business but atleast have the conscience to  SUBMIT THEIR WORKS. 
Cameroonian artists, some of you won’t love what you are reading but this is your future. Stanley Enow even had to go to Nigeria to get his song to TRACE because these same people are making things hard. Now for those who think they are uncomfortable because I am writing against their “papa” I tell you I heart Pit with all my heart. He is my elder brother but I have a problem with taking money, videos and not submitting them. So I will humbly say “I am sorry and please forgive me because YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET”

You might want to watch Brians Lee’s MISTA HIPS . It is absolutely cool. Check below and drop your comments

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