Dencia Curse Ambazonians and calls them terrorist after the dead of her Cousin.

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US based camer artists is very angry with recent developments in Cameroon. The rise of  pro secessionist armed groups fighting against the Cameroonian military has affected many people and Dencia was not left out. The artist has been ranting and cursing Ambazonians over the dead of a relative.

Dencia recounted how her Cousin  was tortured in Yaoundé because officials thought he was working for the Ambazonians. She didn’t stop cursing Ambazonians after the dead of his brother allegedly killed by Ambazonians. Below are some of her tweets.

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  1. Gilles Zelot says:

    The kinda noise you hear from those who didn’t know the rain that waters a rose flower to grow so beautiful is the same rain that waters a “mami coco” to flourish poorly…
    If she wasn’t affected she wouldn’t have cared bout the others who have died for the same course we all pray to achieve.
    RIP to her cousin Buh she sucks with all these stupid rants. Grow up Massa.. Tshuipps

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