DJ Arafat is reportedly not happy with organisers of his Burkina Faso concert for featuring Mr Leo’s pic on poster.


Camer’s music is no doubt gradually taking over the African music scene but we don’t know if its affecting international artists like DJ Arafat. Its rumoured that Dj Arafat is not happy with organisers of his Burkina Faso concert for including Mr Leo’s pic on posters.

We got the information from a comment written by one of Mr Leo’s fan on instagram. Her comment came after Mr Leo invited his fans in Burkina Faso to prepare for the concert. This is what she wrote.

Arafat lui même n’est pas content que vous soyez sur l’affiche de son concert.

Another fan defended Arafat asking the lady to stop judging Arafat. According to him , Arafat is not like that and that its just showbiz.

As guest artist, Mr Leo has all rights to have his face on the posters. Lets note that ivorian fans mocked at Arafat after he drop the famous single featuring Tenor. According to them, Tenor digraced him in his on song. Arafat’s concert will take place on the 27th and 30th December with Floby as one of the invited guest.

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