Do Collaborating  with great Nigerian artists have an impact on Kamer’s music? If yes, check this exception 


 Everyday makes news. The Cameroon music industry and media landscape surprises all as days goes by . A major advancement and progress witnessed, profound an appraisal. Cameroon music is in an era that shows the future is fertile . 100k views in two days by artists proves to all that Cameroon music and the media are two coins of the opposite side.Nigeria no doubts started in the same pace. This harmony between musicians and online fan base shows without reasonable doubts that the industry will flourish within the nearest shortest  space. The interest in our music is something remarkable we should be proud of.  

Must Cameroonian artists integrate in collabos with Nigerian artists  to be successful? It is true  we don’t use big names to cosign our music but to broaden our audience. Lately, Charlotte Dipanda dropped a fascinating piece titled “sista” featuring a Nigerian Queen in the game Yemi Alade just two days after it release it got 93k views.  Mr Leo in his luxery charming style made  remix of his song  Jamais Jamais with Flavour of Nigeria ,just two days ago it has equally gained 134k views . 

In every rule there is an exception Blanche Bailly recently dropped a visual to  her single  “bon bon” just a day before Mr Leo’s and Charlotte’s collabo with great Nigerian artists it has got 100k views. This is an indication that Cameroonian artists can make it on their own not necessarilly collaborating with outside artists . Blanche in a clssic style passed a meesge to her fans warning guys who deceive ladies online making Fake marriage promises with no money in their accounts to stop . The uniqueness displayed in her clip shows her independent but successful Blanche is. Doing it on her own but making it big. It has been noticed that Blanche uses a  particular phrase in all her songs “oh Lord have Mercy”  which is quite suspicious , did she have a heart break before? Quite rhetorical!

A message to Cameroonian artists ,  believe in yourselves, support your own, collaborate amongst you and hold the hands of upcoming artists to give our music a  wide exposure. Thanks for visiting ekwat tv . Read us always..

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