Especially males, discover what water melon seeds can do in your body…

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Knowledge is power, It is very very advisable to eat the seeds of water melon .  It has alot to do in our bodies . It contains Zinc, protein, vitamin B, Magnesium, minerals and other essential fatty acids etc. Check the following roles it plays ,

  • This particular one caught my attention . The zinc in water melon seed is important for the male reproductive system . According to  chinese study zinc supplementation can significantly enhance sperm quality of infertile men , exhibits high activity at the molecular level. Magnesium in the seeds contributes too to fertility in men .
  • The seeds also aids in Diabetes, it stores glycogen , prevents insulin dysregulation , improves memory ( fight memory lapses and releif you from stress).
  • Aids in digestion, Mg in the seeds activates enzymes which helps the body absorb nutrients.
  • Has moisturing properties and a subtle texture used in baby oil, oil rich in vitamin , magnesium etc which greatly aids and prevents heart disease and stroke. You could soak the seeds in water, wait for few days remove it sun it or keep in the oven and eat them as healthy snacks . 

Wow interesting , eat your water melon always with its seeds . 

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