EVENT:Lady Ponce invites us for her new release entitled “Ratrimoine”


I thought Lady ponce was at a “recession” point as far as music is concern. just to my greatest dismay the Bikutzi legend is rather escaliating . Discover her message to her fans below;

“I am for the night in white come 4th November at Broc! It shall be happening  100% live  with lady ponce her dansers, and her orchestras for a presentation in Europe .where I will expose to you my  new album entitled “Ratrimoine”👍👏 Dont forget to clap as you come .The togolaise singer SENZAA will  be part;):'(😭 imagine what that can mean !  5th  November will  be a month of regret for those who might not be part of this wonderful show.” 

come all and have fun with her.

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