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Fezeu Molaping Franck Jordan (FJ) is a 21 years old Cameroonian entrepreneur. Designer of the mark #FJ, he gives a particular touch to the promotion of the Afro-cameroonian culture through the concept : “an ethnic group and proud”.

His vision is to promote all Cameroonian ethnics and that is why the tshirts, caps and pull overs he proposes to the market are personalized according to the client’s demand.

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According to him, Europeans and others have a better way of promoting their origins through concepts like: “I love Paris!”, “I love New York! ” etc. He proposes “an ethnic group and proud” (“une ethnie et fier”) available in French and in English. The said concept is already embraced by several people and even stars really proud of their origins namely Koppo. He wears his tshirt  “pour aller voir sa go” 

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Yaili, un rapidly growing up star who sings closed to artists like Booba, and they loove African cultures…

According to FJ, cultural diversity of Cameroon is a natural gift we should be proud of!!! Follow him on his facebook adress: FJLEBANTOU WearHouse.

Fj we are proud!!!

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