Top 10 professional Make up artists in Cameroon.

Written by on 16 October 2019

The joy and satisfaction that comes from walking down the make up aisle is undeniable. We all have unique beauty routines, we create to complement our sense of style and of course make-up is that magical, powerful and transformative tool in which women use to attract most men towards them. Make up is not a mask as many think but an art, passion and expression.

Makeup is not a fashion craze it’s a statement, a very vital feature a lot of ladies cannot go without. Some women like it heavy, some want it very light, some do not even bother to put any on and go just natural . Even though some men tend to act all innocent, they are also guilty of this makeup frenzy.

The growing interest by Cameroonian ladies to be make up artists is noticeable. The Cameroon Entertainment industry is growing and so do make up artist seeing the need to be part of the entertainment journey. Make up is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about an inner self. Most Cameroonian musicians , actors and actresses can’t do a video shoot without wearing makeup to look fresh and and sparky.

The criterion for selection were based on their competence, quality of work, celebrities who visit their these make up artists, a thorough check of their social media handles and their recent works and innovation they bring.Are you a foreigner trying to explore the Cameroon make up World? Are you a model, actor, actress , musician and will want to use just the best make up artists in Cameroon? Here are the top 10 with their contacts and location. We at ekwattv did little research about some very cool make up houses in Cameroon and had the following as results.


10. Poise by Bella is an outstanding make up house based in Douala the economic Capital of Cameroon. Her works are incredible and she makes at least 100, 000 XAF monthly from her make up services. You can contact her via this Telephone number +237 654 905 779. Encourage and patronize her business. See image of her work here.9) Shafe Bana is another top Cameroonian lady in the make up world with an extra touch to her make up foundation. SHAFE’S GLOW is the name of her make up house based in Douala of the AKwa North. She reveals that she makes not less than 130, 000 XAF off her make up services. You can CONTACT her via : 678- 927- 056 or Email: yabbyshafe@gmail.com8) Fokala Victorine. She doubles as event host/planner and actress. Her “glam” house is based in Douala just opposite Rail market Bonaberi, you can contact her via +237 671 845 316 or email her at vbfokala@gmail.com7)Transform me . Owned by Asma based in Yaounde is another charming make up house. She is a lady of action . you can contact them via +237 698 330 725.6) Hanni Health Beauty Foundation . One of the most visits make up houses based in Yaounde, You can contact them via +237 679 322 028.5)Bold Make up. An exceptional make up house of excellence based in Yaounde and Douala. You can contact them via +237 698 999 901.4) Lyrus Motassi is another charming make up magician . She is based in Yaounde her facebook page name goes as Lyrus Motassi. Message them directly for your services3)Niki Heat Beauty Studio. Its a beauty saloon that perform services like make up, hair, nails, facials, massage, body treatment, . It is based in Douala just after Antenne Kotto , Bonamoussadi. Niki Heat is found in Yaounde and Bamenda2) Bty Imms BI make up. They call her smile and glow .Based in Limbe . Her Facebook name by Imms BI. write her on messenger for her services.1) Ozi International . This is one of the solid pillars of make up experts in Cameroon . It is visited by mostly celebrities and eminent personalities . It is based in Douala you can email them at or contact them via +237 679 193 630. Mrs Cameroon was make-up by them.1) RMBibow make up and skin Care. They are bracket with Ozi international, their works speaks volume. It is Located at Carrefour Ideal Douala contact them via +237 696 780 005 or +237 679 534 179A woman’s beauty lies in the heart and behavior . A woman is made to look clean , beautiful and attractive but the inside beauty should be all that matters. Make your heart as beautiful as your face, have a character that impresses a man not just your facial beauty. There are other very beautiful make up houses in Cameroon, we shall be bringing to you top 10 up coming make up agencies to watch out for in Cameroon. Thanks for reading through . Stay with us at ekwat for more updates

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