Fashion Stylist Franky Naggy is accusing camer actor Leonel Epie of stealing Precious Items and Killing her Brother.

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Cameroonians will never forget the name Epie, the guy who striped a girl naked because of 2500frs. That name connoted vengence in the bad sense of it. Now the name has come to life with different  characters involved this time. Lets call it the “Return of Epie“. Franky Naggy, a fashion designer, Makeup artist and image consultant is accusing camer actor and Fashion designer Leonel Epie Esabe of stealing her Rolex watches, Cameras and many items including cash.

Camer actor Frank Sire reportedly scammed a single mother, thousands  of Dollars.

She made the revelation today February 1st on her Facebook account. According to her Leonel Epie promised to return the stolen items after sleeping in Jail. From every indications, the actor has not made any move, pushing our makeup artist to cry foul. She thinks that Epie is behind the dead of her brother because he promised to visit a native doctor one day after she send her brother to tell him that she was aware of the stole the items. Below is what she posted  on Facebook.

Be careful who u call a friend! 

Epie Leonel Epie Esabe aka designer and actor please pay my watches u stole I have been too cool with u . After sleeping in jail I didn’t take the case further because u promised to start paying me and because of my mum,  but if u want us to play dis game so be it . You stole a lot from me ,from my husbands gold chain , professional camera which was retrieved from an accomplice , Rolex watches , money in many instances , my bank card and a lot more . You promised you will visit a native doctor  one day after I sent my brother to tell u I knew u stole my stuffs and he died ! You now make mockery of it kill me too noh papa .Don’t push me too hard ! Pple are craving to see your gay pics out don’t push me leonel and for the records I have a thick skin to all ur fake cheap propaganda (keep spreading those lies ) 

N:B before anybody…… be it my sis or friend  come under here to tell me to take down this post make sure u have a 500k to give me I’m a business woman not a slay queen or else make all man jor pass I go be ok . TO BE CONTINUED………

Epie has not yet reacted on the issue and his last post was on January first. Affair a suivre.

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