Film Maker and Video Director Teh Reagan was allegedly arrested in Mamfe with other Crew Members.

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We received information from Jude Ebile Jcase that one of Cameroon’s top film markers Teh Reagan  was arrested in Mamfe with some crew members. Jude Ebile posted the information on February 1 and the exact day of their arrest is unclear. Below is what he posted.

Film Maker and video director Teh Reagan has been arrested in Mamfe. I am calling on the film community to step in in a special way to get him and all those arrested since the onset of the struggle free.


According to informations we got from a whatsapp group chat, Raegan was arrested on set with Enow Tanjong, the producer, the Ep and the driver and taken to Yaoundé. From all indications, they were using a drone to shoot a movie in that warlike locality of the South West Region.

The film community has come together to demand their unconditional release. This is not the first time that the entertainment industry is affected by the current socio-political crisis in the North West and South West regions. In october 2017, buea based actor Bala 2k was arrested in Buea then latter on released. 

Many people compare Mamfe to Baghdad because of the numerous gun battle taking place there between the military and pro secessionist armed groups.

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