Foodie:Tips on how to cook Achu and Achu soup(yellow soup & taro)

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Achu! a Cameroon traditional dish. If you have been looking for recipe for Achu soup(sauce jeune) here you go….. This gloriously yellow , delicate soup can be superb or catastrophic depending if you carry-out essential points. Check out the ingredients …

  • Pounds of assorted meet(cow skin)
  • bouillon powder or Maggie
  • Ground limestone 
  • Ground achu spice( it’s already mixed and sold as achu spice in Cameroonian owned retail store)
  • Hot pepper (scotch bonnet)
  • Cocoyams( taro)

This dish is typically of cameroonian home cooking , fairly common in the western and Northwest region of Cameroon. The yellow soup is paired with mashed pounded achu cocoyams(taro) using a mortar and a pestel is used to process for a desired smoothness, consistency and perfect texture. Make sure after boiling the cocoyams, drain water and let it dry off, carefully peel away the skin using a knife and cut in medium sizes. Wait, a moment , is it okay to eat achu with a spoon? No or yes ….. . To prepare the achu soup, warm red oil to get it into liquid form, crush limestone using a rolling pin . Boil meet until tender , however, for more flavourful achu soup include smoked fish.Remove meet and reserve broth , adjust for salt and maggie.When the complete meal is ready, you can add small already prepared vegetable, egosi pudden,etc to make it more enjoyable in the mouth. Note should be taken that you can purchase cocoyams in Indian supermarkets and African stores same as achu spice but is mainly Cameroonian owned. For more hints visit African bite web for more info . 

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