Health: Disadvantages of drinking cold water


Drinking a glass of cold water to cool down yourself on a sunny day makes you feel relaxed right? But have you ever taught the harm it may cause to your body.

 We are all ignorant of the fact that drinking cold water is bad for our health but yet we can’t resist consuming it.
Below are the reasons we encourage you to stop consuming the cold substance

  1.  It disturbs your digestion system: Drinking hot water,that is at room temperature helps the digestive system process. But drinking cold water can cause you constipation. Food hardens as it passes through the body which may lead to difficulties when you want to go to the toilet
  2.  Blood Vessels shrinks: Drinking cold beverages makes your blood vessels shrink and your digestion becomes restricted and hydration is hindered 
  3. Destroys the immune system: Drinking coldwater or beverage immediately after meal solidifies fats from the food you have just eaten

We hope reading this article, you will think twice, weather or not you should go on consuming cold water. As they say Health is wealth, so keep your health good and be wealthy forever

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