Abomination: A maid was arrested for using her urine to prepare meal for her boss and family. details

Written by on 4 April 2018

Kenya and its troubles! Before getting in to the nitty gritty of this story I will like to advice every parent to make sure they always get on their knees and sincerely pray for  God to grant them good house maids.  A very touching story we received from Kenya today 

A 19 year old girl was caught  using urine to prepare a family meal. After her boss decided to install a close circuit Camera in the house to monitor her daily activities, it was discovered that she maltreats the kids left in her care.  She was corrected with severe bruises to condemn the act of maltreating the kids . The maid decided to take revenge by urinating in a pot of soup she was preparing.

It was equally reported that some kenyan neighbours supported the act committed by the maid due to the beatings she had received when she maltreated the innocent kids. Kenyan police rappidly appeared on scene and took her to prison. As we speak, the young lady is under detention awaiting trial. We could not get full names of the maid but we shall do findings to know more about her. What advice can you give to the neighbours who supported the act committed by the maid??

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