Health/Fitness:Health effect of smoking cigarettes.

Written by on 6 May 2018

There are many, people who smoke They smoke for different reasons, some starts at a tender age not knowing, it causes illness and death. Smoking harms almost all the part of your body. Below are some reasons

Destruction of heart and blood vessel destruction: Smoking don’t only affects your lungs, but your heart and blood vessels as well. Smoking changes the structure of your plaque which hardens your vessels, thus causing you a very harmful disease known as atherosclerosis.
It increases the chance of infertility: Cigarettes plays a big part, in your infertility and also decreases your chance of conception in both female and male. It reduces sperm count in male and reduces the ability to fertilize an egg. It also lead to unhealthy fertilization as it diminishes the ovary to create eggs.

It causes lung cancer. This is one of the most, dangerous health effect of smoking cigarettes. It is the main cause of lung cancer amongst cancer patients. Statics drawn by the , center of disease controls, shows smoking causes lung cancer in 90 percent of lung cancer patients.
 You have seen the above stated health effect of smoking cigarettes, if you were ones into smoking I hope you think twice before thinking of taking it.Thanks for reading, Don’t forget to share.


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